The Presidents Of The United States Of America

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In honor of Presidents Day, The Noah Ginex Puppet Company proudly presents

The Presidents Of The United States Of America

*Noah Ginex*
Jameson Jarvis Ralphonzo as George Washington
Ferdinand as Abraham Lincoln
Edison The Pig as Ronald Reagan
Freddy The Lumpp as Theodore Roosevelt

*Jennifer Marschand*
Archibald The Pig as James Monroe
Raspberry The Rabbit as Franklin Delano Roosevelt

*Regan Davis*
Bessie The Cow as William Howard Taft
Lil' Barkin as John F. Kennedy

*Scott Whitehair*
Ron The Snake as Richard M. Nixon
Allan E. Cat as Millard Fillmore

*Amanda Rountree*
Simple Simon as William Henry Harrison

*Matthew RC Laird*
Junior as George W Bush

*Fuzzy Gerdes*
Henrietta as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Ferguson The Sausage Maker as Grover Cleveland #2

*Adam McAleavey*
Tiny Bob as himself

Also featuring

*Frankie Cordero*
Jenkins The Pieman as Grover Cleveland #1

And Michael Thomas Downey as The Announcer

Noah Ginex
Adam McAleavey
Matthew RC Laird

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@GroverKent. Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Author — Noah Ginex


that was so funny hahahahaha....i love when he's like "i'd like to talk to you about diabetes..what.." hahahahaha

Author — Bailey Amanda


Move over Diabeetus Cat...hello Diabeetus Lumpp!

Author — John LaPiana