Tenerife March 2019

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Tenerife March 2019 4.5

3 weeks travelling around Tenerife, this year visiting visiting North West and South. Filmed 95% on DJI Osmo Pocket, rest of video on DJI Mavic Pro, Sony RX10M3 and GoPro Hero 6.

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One of my favorite Tenerife videos!
Love that you kept the natural sounds, it makes you feel that your actually there. A lot of people don't understand how much this beautiful island has to offer beyond the hotel complexes.
I made some Tenerife videos as well, check them out if you feel like it. Oh and great footage and coverage of the island!

Author — MrFusion80


Thankyou for bringing back memories! Been north, west and south. Missed the spot; La Galleta. Liked the feeling you conveyed of that place.. Do you have any favourite place on the island?

Author — Bonnie Hörk


Excellent and full of details video ...I wished all Tenerife videos to be so comprehensive...
I hope for much much more viewers for you

Author — George Nicolas


Loved that wee museam it is great in there lots to see and do apart from lyin on the beach . If thats what some folk do then fine but i love to explore to take in the culture and get a great feel for the place and its people tenerife has so much to offer

Author — Ian Innes


Wow... why haven't I been in Masca when I was in Tenerife in 2017... beautiful!

Author — h0pesfall


One of the best editing jobs I've seen. Great video. Spent a month this year in Tenerife, going back next year. It's an amazing island

Author — freedom1234573


That was fantastic, really enjoyed it as I drank my coffee on sunday morning, cheers from ireland ..

Author — spud murphy73


Fantastic beautiful place been many of times to tenerife's beaches and mountains mt teide masca bronco masca canals losgegantis just a fantastic place to go for relax and wild in your face hill walking and Mounting climbing marko of Manchester uk England love the place I recommend this island tenerife's beaches are beautiful

Author — Mark James


Short attention span video. More dwell on the scenes please. There are lots of geological info in the locales.

Author — Bruce Salem


Super camera job! Great views taken. Best Tenerife filming I ever seen! Thanx for taking me back to virtual holiday!



Your vidieos so amazing I am enjoy watching this thank you for sharing 😊

Author — Tailor lily


Beautiful video !! Too bad you did not many cues for localization

Author — Mircea Costiniuc