Peter Hurley Reviews the Canon 5DS

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Peter Hurley reviews the upcoming Canon 5DS, a 50 megapixel studio camera that rivals medium format.

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Peter Hurley reviews how great Peter Hurley is.

Author — Kazzzo


A true professional! He knows the gear and what its meant for, he's not hung up on specifications like many reviewers.

Author — Gabriel Ferreira


*Canon C300 Mark II cinema vs Canon EOS-1D C* ???

Author — Mehran H


What is the name of the equipment at 0:21 thats says 'SELECT' and what is the name of the eye lash and gel he uses to remove the shine on the face ? 
@Adam Sherwin

Author — Nicholas Jude


What kind of tripod head are you using? What is the difference between the s & sr?

Author — Freddie Slaughter


I am glad that he was pretty honest. He wasn't like OMG this is the best camera ever everyone switch to it. Like some of the guys that get checks from Canon.

Author — Ray Valdez Photography


Which canon camera, would you recommend; is lower, or around the same price, but can shoot better video??? Need something that cuts even in both performances!



Great video, than you! One quick note though, the music in the background is a bit distracting, annoying actually...

Author — vex


nice review thanks, because i was between 5dsr or 5ds.... and am scare about the moire....u helped

Author — Christopher Bessis


great review.

dont get all the hate people throw at him.

Author — Crashoverall


I have been shooting wildlife and events video with my Canon 5Ds for over a month now, I also plunged in my Tascam mixer with a shotgun microphone into the Canon 5Ds mic jack and the audio / video was fantastic.  Was it better than A/V I have shot with my 1DX or 5DM2, no, it was just fantastic.  
I also tested my Canon 5Ds against my Hasselblad H3 and well, I didn't expect Canon 5Ds to beat Hasselblad and I probably never will.

Author — 100sryoung


I wonder why go with the 5Ds and not the 5dsr...the medium format digital backs he's used to using don't have AA filters...

Author — Jeremy Smith


what software is he using on the desktop? I haven't upgraded from LR 4 so excuse my ignorance.. Is that Lightroom or something else?

Author — baltimore52394


Do you agree with me about depth of field is unusual with this camera? . even at F4 the nose still blur !!

Author — Muaathe Aziz


High ISO performance probably is my most concerned aspect of the coming 5DS. And I am getting very mixed signals here. Firstly, in this video, Peter says that the camera delivers very nice results at ISO 1600, and it does actually look nice in the video at 100% view. Even at ISO 3200 there's just "a little bit of noticeable noise in the black background. But that's about it; the file looks good..." (:4:15) It only falls apart at ISO 6400. So isn't he actually commending its low light performance? Though he did mention that if you're a low light/high speed shooter, this probably isn't the camera for you. But come on, who shoots serious, professional work at ISO 6400 and above? Secondly, as far as I know, the 5DS and the 7D MII have the same pixel density, using the same technology. So, in theory, 5DS's high ISO performance should be a leap forward from the 5D Mark III and 6D (as how 7D MII is compared to 7D and 70D). DXOMark has the ISO performance scores for these cameras. I own the 7D Mark II and see consistent results. ... But I have also read many reviews that mention an official information from Canon that the 5DS has better low light performance than the 5D Mark II (but not III). (Plus the fact the Canon limits the ISO to 12800). What am I supposed to make of that? Really confusing!

Author — Kien Dao


Yep. It's a studio cam and it's good for that. Don't expect to take good outdoor/landscapes with this

Author — Khashayar Dashti


"I'm a medium format shooter."

Author — It's Gadgetsjon


If you think the newest camera is going to give you better photographs you are going to have a bad day.

Author — PJ Georgiou


how about the quality of the lenses that we have to put in front of a 50.6 MP Sensor .... there is very few that have an effective resolution ... that can make a full use of the resolution power of the sensor the only name that come to my mind is the OTUS Zeiss the 85mm and 50mm ones .... a camera that can only be effectively be used just with few lenses .... ....yeah well i have a weird feeling concerning this camera. its useful on a very narrow niche ....

Author — Kaoukabi Jaouad


Wow I was a royal Dink 5 years ago. I apologize for any insults that I wrote. I still don't own multiple digital bodies, but I totally understand why you'd want an extra body in case of a malfunction. Again, I apologize for my crappy attitude.

Author — frost heaves