Not everything went to plan with my Amiga 1200

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0:00 - Upgrade Time!
0:54 - Lets open it up
2:54 - USB Mouse Mod
4:51 - Scan Doubler
6:14 - Fast & Buffered IDE Interface
8:04 - Floppy Emulator
10:13 - What went wrong
12:16 - PCMCIA to CF Card Reader
12:44 - Getting on the internet!
14:23 - How The Gotek works
15:40 - Final thoughts and what's next

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💬 Comments

What a blast, who knew these old boxes still had such legs. It's amazing to think that these things were the product of a silicon boom from back in the day. What a machine, love the video. 👍

Author — patientbeast


I love this! My 1st desktop was a A500+ w/ duel floppy drives and WordPerfect. 3 weeks later I paid $800 USD for a 40 MB SCSI HD with 2 Megs of fast mem. 4 years later I got a A2000 with 286 PC Board. I did play a bunch of games but mostly productivity stuff with desktop publishing and scanning of photos. I hated to give that system up. Now I am mostly AMD. If I get the extra $ I too will try to find a A2500 this time as I want a video toaster. Thanks for this Retro look at where our modern day multimedia computers came from.

Author — Jerry Watson


I got a brand new Amiga 500 when they first came out. Ended up trading for an Amiga 1000 so I could "tinker" with it...first time I "modded" a computer and have continued all these years. Wife still laughs at me for turning our dining room into a "clean" room to add memory chips to the motherboard! I loved my Amiga and enjoy emulating it today! Love your vids (all of them)....

Author — John OC


Wow, this takes me back. I got one of the 1st Amiga 1000s in St Louis in 1985. Got an A2000 when they came out, then upgraded that with a 68020 CPU. Great times!

Author — Steve Plegge


Always love the Amiga content, my first computer was an Amiga and I kept it long after everyone else switched to PCs

Author — Dan MacLeod


My first computer was an Amiga 1000! I felt so cool. I was bedridden at the time and it was therapy. It was a cooler than the Mac (and in color!)

Author — Laszlo216


Awesome video fams. Love seeing Amiga content and keen to see more in the future. Keep up the hard work

Author — Joshua Waye


Love the Upgrades especially getting it on the Web with the Pcmcia Adapter! I just upgraded my A1200 with an Icedrake!! Looking forward seeing what you will do the A2000! Just had one on my desk a while ago which i recapped. Still not sure which upgrades i wanna do!

And more importantly i am glad the Amiga is still getting that much love from you!!! Isn't having a hobbyist computer the best type of computer anyway ☺

Author — TekTherapy


The Amiga 1200 was the first computer I ever used, wish my dad kept it.

Author — Josh MayO


Nice that you love Amiga too! I got a beige new Amiga 1200 case, recapped motherboard (by Hertell) and an accelerator card. I also got two Amiga 500 with Gotek, one recapped.

Author — Tech Daniel Testar


I had an Amiga 500 growing up & purchased the 512kb upgrade (making it an Amiga 1000 basically) and it was a great game machine and a good home use pc. I also got an add-on HDD for it and was good for a 1-2 storage boxes worth of 1.44” floppy disk of game library and improved load times with the need to regularly change disks 🥰😇👍 great video Nick 🥳🤯 cheers buddy and hi Klaire 👋

Author — Michael Thompson


Amazing thanks for taking us on the journey.

I remember being 6 years old, the Amiga had been out some time and I'd been asking for an Amiga 500 for nearly 3 years, we were quite poor but that Christmas I opened the wrapping and saw the Amiga logo and started to tear up, then saw the 1200 with that logo and I just lost it and cried and hugged everyone in the room.

they had got it second hand from the local paper but I didn't care, I loved it, so many memories and best of all I still have it and all my games. Hoping I can introduce my toddler to my Atari and then on to this classic and can't wait.

might need to look at updating it too

Author — Never Truly Gone


I had an Atari 2600 in about 1988. It was over 10yrs old by then and was a second hand unit my granddad was given for spares or repairs. He fixed it and gave it to me. It was the greatest thing I had ever seen

Author — Pierre Plays


I am glad I am not alone :) this is awesome content. I currently have over 10 Amigas and will keep them alive for as long as I can :)

Author — Fenvelo


Great Video. I had been an Atari user from the 2600 to the Atari 130xe then when I was able to goto the next level - my first Amiga was the a-1200 then I have had several A-1200's and a couple A-4000's. This is Awesome to see Amiga support toady. I do miss being able to use any of my Amiga's. I do have the Amiga Emulation software for PC's ( Amiga Forever ) but haven't used it a while and not sure if it would run on WIn-10. Keep up the wonderful work.

Author — John Paul Bacon


My first computer was an Amstrad 6128, but I was really jealous of those who had an Amiga. The graphics were miles ahead! Do a video with amiga gameplay!

Author — NC7491


This was far more interesting than I assumed it would be. Guess I'm going down a rather niche rabbit hole now.

Author — Lord Hypnos


I would love to see a kickstarter for a Pi chip or equivalent recreating the Amiga with new peripheral connectors such as usb etc like those Atari / Mega Drive rebuilds that were sold in recent years. I actually bought some old Amiga game titles available for pc on GOG for a $1-2AUD such as the OG D&D titles, Bloodwych 🥰🥰🥰

Author — Michael Thompson


really bummed the mouse adapter didnt work out for ya, its so cool that you're able to install modules on the motherboard, never had an amiga before so thank goodness im living through you now haha !

Author — andrewc20


I like the IndivisionAGA-MK3 as well. I have one in my 1200. I also have a Tsunami1230. Sure 128mb would be nice, but I have no use for more than 64mb. But I kept to AmigaOS 3.1 because I want to keep it more oldschool. I also got one of the newly produced cases. I ordered mine in grey, but it is more blueish grey than grey. I guess they changed the colour slightly. I kind of like it.

Author — brostenen