See first aerial footage of devastation in the Bahamas

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See first aerial footage of devastation in the Bahamas 4.5
Aerial footage over Great Abaco Island, Bahamas, shows the effect of Hurricane Dorian's wrath.

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How awful I hope they are getting help. Where do you go when everything is gone? 😢

Автор — Sharonas Here


"I have the best hurricanes .I have the biggest Hurricanes . No one does Hurricanes like me " : Trump earlier today on the golf course .

Автор — Fat Cat


Damn... half of the island is underwater. We need to send aid to the Bahamas. They deserve it more than Israel does.

Автор — Tessmage Tessera


When you wish CNN really was 'fake news' 😢

Автор — BrantheBroken


I'm sorry Bahamas. I know you have the courage to stand up and smile again. I love you from London England. 💙

Автор — Josef Middleton


Can you have so many graphics on your screen. It is to hard to see everything. I have to switch o local news.

Автор — Elizabeth Hanson


I've never seen anything like this; no doubt the casualties are massive. Sending prayers of resilience and strength. Dear God, please see them thru this.

Автор — Cheryl R Leigh


Anti-science conservatives imperil us all. Their glorification of ignorance is an existential threat to humanity. From the mass persecution of scientists and intellectuals, to the flat out denial of truth —
conservatives have been an obstacle to progress since the dawn of time.

Автор — Justin Hopkins


Let's show some human kindness to the victims of Hurricane Dorian. Hoping for the best for those still in harm's way.. @jxiA​

Автор — Larry Caldwell


Here we go with the;
"my thoughts and prayers"
"God bless people in Bahamas"

Cut the sht. Join, Contribute and help. Actions matter more than your words now.

Автор — A R


Aww I can do is hope my family over there is safe 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Автор — king nitti


Damn. What a horrifying mess for the Bahamas and anyone eventually affected in the US. If you can afford it, NE Tennessee has mild seasons.

Автор — Davida Krappenschitz


Remembering super typhoon haiyan that lost an estimated 10k love ones in Tacloban City, Philippines 🇵🇭 way back 2013 so devastated

Автор — Vndrew Pegarro


oh my God. i pray relief and restoration fast. this is bad. where do you start to fix this?

Автор — Sweet Daddy Williams


Oh my god there is literally nothing left. Its all gone! Sending prayers to the victims 🙏

Автор — andrew f0609


Heartbreaking! I hope the rich cruise line companies will help with water, food etc., as they have had a lot of profitable business there for many years...

Автор — Sunflower Watermelon Sugar High


Oh my, just everything ripped apart 😪😪😪

Автор — Tammy Davis


Let's drop that good for nothing bone spurs in the middle of the eye... then nuke it.

Автор — santolify


Hurricane Dorian wipes out the Bahamas.
Mom: It's because of that dang phone!

Автор — Joefus Games


Sending prayers to everyone in the Bahamas.

Автор — Sunshine E.