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Amazon Deforestation - BBC News 4.5
Brazilian officials have told the BBC that there's been an aggressive increase in deforestation since the election of President Bolsonaro in January.

An area of Amazon rainforest roughly the size of a football pitch is now being cleared every minute.

The rainforest - which plays a vital role in regulating the Earth's climate - covers an area 20 times the size of Britain. Nearly two thirds of it is in Brazil.

Crucially, it absorbs billions of tons of carbon dioxide every year and produces 20% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere.
David Shukman has been to see how decades of conservation efforts are being reversed.

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Ironically the most intelligent species on the planet is also the most stupid.

Author — Earth Man


If Brazil produces 20% of the worlds oxygen then the rest of the world should pay them to maintain the rainforest - sureky! Pay Brazil more than it can earn from beef cattle.

Author — Freddy


Now there’s a thing only when the last tree has been cut down only when the last river has been poisoned only when the last fish has been caught only then will you realise you can’t eat money?

Author — Paul Marsh


I hope those soy bean farms are worth it. plot twist: they aren't.

Author — Infinite Plasma


Stop eating beef, you’re funding the deforestation.

Author — Tom Davidson


Most people don't realize that this forest is extremely remote for most Brazilians. It's not just about distance. It's very hard to go there. It takes days to drive to that area, the travel is expensive and dangerous. The roads are terrible. So, the average Brazilian who lives in the South, South-East and North-East only hears about what happens in the Amazon through news outlets, and the information is sketchy. Schools should teach more about it, but the whole education system in Brazil is rotten and barely teach kids how to read. Bottom line, the average Brazilian doesn't know shit about the Amazon.

Since voting is obligatory and enforced in Brazil, everyone gets to vote ---especially those who know nothing about the mining industry, agriculture and environment. That's why last year half of the Brazilian population voted for a candidate who literally promised to remove the natives from Amazon reserves, claim back their lands and mine the whole area. Meanwhile, the state owned mining company responsible for such theoretical mining was the same responsible for two of the biggest environmental disasters in the country, one in 2015 and one in 2019: tailing dams were being kept in terrible conditions (with help of bribes), and fell down, destroying native forest and rivers, and killing hundreds of people. Yet, Brazilians defend this president saying that the forest should be mined anyway.

Now, let's put into context that this president is a direct supporter of three benches in congress (groups of congressmen who legislate for their own benefit). The first one is the ''Rural Bench, '' with representatives of the livestock, agriculture and mining sectors. The second one is the ''Bullet Bench'', representing those who want to legalize firearms in Brazil, to ''solve the gang violence.'' The third is the ''Bible Bench, '' that is composed of evangelical preachers and televangelists, and are there just to oppose things like gay marriage, drugs and abortion regulation. The three benches work together under the banner of the "Brazilian right wing." Catholic and evangelical churches give blind support to them.

Lets not forget that this is all happening while Brazil is falling apart. The country is riddled with unemployment. Drug gangs have never been so powerful, and now the militias are also ravaging the cities (they are former members of the military police who took control over drug markets). The police only solves 5% of all murders, and yet, the prison system is an overcrowded ticking bomb. The government doesn't even know how many prisoners are there. The government is also approving changes that make retirement essentially impossible for this entire generation. So, it's pretty clear that the average José, working 12 hours a day, making a little more than US$3.000 a year, is too busy trying to pay his rent and feed his kids, and doesn't have time to worry about a remote forest that's being destroyed 600 miles away.

Now, supposed that he was actually a true "Santo José" who actually cares about the environment. What can he do? Nothing. Because no one knows exactly who owns what in the Amazon region. Most of the land "grabbers" make use of usucaption to claim lands. And they defend their lands with firearms and mercenaries. They fight off the Landless Workers Movement, the natives, and each other, for control of the forest. That's why the Amazon region is one of the most violent in the country. Oh, and any activist who tries to stop them will be killed, like Dorothy Stang in 2005.

Sorry for this huge comment, I know that the American and European media doesn't really contextualize the destruction of the Amazon as they should. But, bottom line, it's hopeless. As long as the Amazon is inside Brazilian borders, it's a goner. Bye.

Author — Maverick Hargrave


We can blame it on President Jair Bolsonaro, the most abject person in the world. He is allowing thousands of miners and farmers to enter the Amazon Forest to explore minerals and cut down trees to make pasture for cattle. An indigenous leader (Chief Emyra Waiãpi) was murdered in Roraima state (Brazil) by gold miners and thousands of Indigenous reserves are in danger of being invaded by armed prospectors. Mr. Bolsonaro is trying to pass a law in the Brazilian Congress that will facilitate land exploration in the Amazon. The rainforest is in Brazil, but her importance belongs to the world. PLEASE!! I beg to all students in the world to ask your teachers, colleagues, and friends to make rounds of conversations, lectures, and awareness of what is happening in Brazil. I am setting up a study group at my university about what is happening to the forest. Sorry for my poor English!!!

Author — VictorLawyer _Pt


Bolsonaro without doubt will cause the total destroy of the Amazon Rainforest. The planet is in danger!

Author — Mariana Almeida


I expect the British Government to do a lot in reaction to this news. I doubt many decades will pass before people put pressure on governments to invade countries and protect forests! But we also need to plant a lot more forest throughout Europe to replace what European countries destroyed before anyone started keeping count!

Author — ZypheREvolved


BBC did not address the fact that it is the increase in world population that created that demand. If only the world would decrease the population, then the demand for all kinds of food, water and hydrocarbon would decrease. Every time any environment issue arise the environmentalists and news media ignores the true fact that it is population increase that fuels the problem. So maybe it is time for environmentalists and the news media to reduce their family and the will will follow.

Author — peter parker


Presidente atual está há apenas 6 meses no poder. Parem de falar MERDA. Algum país divulga periodicamente o desmatamento de suas florestas? Se querem tanto que o Brasil proteja suas florestas, que nos paguem por isso. Subsolo da Amazônia é extremamente rico em minérios. Por que não devemos explorá-lo? Mundo hipócrita.

Author — Leandro Bellei


Amazon rainforest is disappearing while the Amazon company is growing

Author — Bertha Contreras


The mr. Brazil, stop ✋ being like a chimp. You need the 🌳 in the past and now when you were a chimp, but the forest doesn't need you.

Author — Khoi Le


You are burning down all of your tourist money nobody will see you this country Brazil who agrees thumb up

Author — ash h


Please don't forget to send those dead trunks to Zimbabwe for firewood, we have power cuts from 4am to 10pm everyday. Please help us with firewood.

Author — Smartmoneyinstitution


The new trade deal the EU signed with Mercosur (4 nation South American trading block) will increase deforestation as farmers try to profit from the European market.

Author — Joe Bloggs.


The brazilian new president is ridiculous.

Author — OI eu sou o GON


kick the Brazil president of his position!!!

Author — Nashrimah Abdullah


<ashamed activities>

I’m sunshine man who was born in P.R.China and moved to Hong Kong at a young age. Finally, I moved to UK because I’d like to seek the freedom, democracy and to learn the different cultures.

I felt disappointed; I really want to cry for the terrible change of backsliding freedom, democracy in Hong Kong, and including all the democratic countries. My twitter account, computer, mobile and WIFI was hacked last year and this year in UK. I was disturbed recently by the Chinese Embassy [who] called [my number] in UK because I have supported the recent protest in Hong Kong.

I feel that an evil hand has spread across the world. Even though I live in the UK, I still feel unsafe. I have felt that those devils have started a smokeless war in which they use money, women, spies and thieves to attack human beings’ civilization so that they can control the whole world and make the world dark and horrible.

I feel very shameful for those evil governments, companies and individuals who destroyed the freedom, democracy and civilization of human being; who do everything for their own interest, power and greed, to tread on human rights and kill people arbitrarily.

Today we must unite together to say, “no, those devils, we’re not silent and we don’t sell our honour and conscience again.” We must start to rebel (“ashamed activities”) against those evil governments, companies and individuals who tread on human rights and kill people arbitrarily. We should all be ashamed of buying from them and co-operating with them, for example [e.g.] buying mobile [devices] from Huawei, depositing [money] to [the] bank of China. We must resist them to protect our divine freedom, democracy, justice, kindness, love and peace”.

God bless all people!


Author — Snowred wang 红雪儿


And now we have 17 days on fire in the amazon :( :(

Author — Lourdes Curruchiche