[MUGEN 2014] Bubblun vs. Ryu / Evil Ryu

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In this video, I'm using Bubblun by Gladiacloud to fight against Ryu and Evil Ryu by Phantom of the Server, edited by mvryly. This video contains two matches, the first match is against the regular Ryu and the second match is against Evil Ryu. The regular Ryu in the first match was very fun, because he put up a great fight. As for Evil Ryu in the second match was very tough, because he has stronger attacks than the regular Ryu and he has also the Shun Goku Satsu (aka Raging Demon) just like Akuma. Both Ryu and Evil Ryu has a decent tough AI, because I really like some good challenge. I've been practiced with Gladiacloud's Bubblun since the previous video and I'm still pretty good with him. Can Bubblun takes the victory? Watch and find out!

Bubblun by Gladiacloud
Ryu and Evil Ryu by Phantom of the Server, edited by mvryly

Match 1:
Stage: Suzaku Castle (Ryu's Stage) from Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
BGM: Ryu's theme from Street Fighter II (CPS1)

Match 2:
Stage: Burning Osaka from Capcom vs. SNK 2
BGM: Butsutekkai from Ikaruga

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This video is exactly why I want Bubblun in the next Smash game!

Author — Dude.


how do you do the moves so easily? what do you use to control your character? have you edited the moves to make them easier?

Author — basicloner


wait where does the bub's voicepack from?

Author — Gunma the retro gamer


Bubble Bobble is my favorite Game I Like Bubblun&Bobblun👍🏻Do you like Bubble Bobble

Author — Liliane Matos