'ParaZapper CC2, I call it a SURVIVAL Zapper

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'ParaZapper CC2, I call it a SURVIVAL Zapper.
Often overlooked with survivalists and preppers are some of these electronic devices that an help boost the immune system and assist in destroying harmful microbes. The Parazapper CC2 runs 29 frequencies at 100% positive offset. Per the words of microbiologist Hulda Clark Phd, this what frequencies run with positive offset and a square wave do. According to Hulda Clark:
""A positive electrical force that pulses up and down not only appears to kill tiny invaders, it also seems to energize white blood cells to go on an all-out attack on your enemies: your parasites, your toxins everything in spite of their four blockers. In spite of benzene PCBs, metals and asbestos! For a time your white blood cells turn into Super-WBCs. That is why I recommend eight hours of zapping daily until you are well"". So if true and this 'theory' does seem to bear a lot of weight as shown with many user testimonies, the Parazapper CC2 can be a very beneficial tool for survivalists and preppers. The Parazapper CC2 zapper is portable, easy to use, very helpful in many cases, quiet (tactical, no noise) and very durable.

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Can you please explain your solar power unit and where to get one?
Also also where to get the container for the zapper.
May I purchase a container from you if you have an extra one?
Thank you 🙏

Author — @4vrceltic


has anyone tried the energy cleaner.
has anyone ever heard of the energy cleaner?

Author — @gidieupp