Avicii - For a Better Day (Lyrics / Letra)

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Hey Migos ^-^
Espero que gostem ^-^

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your message will not go unnoticed avicii. i’m sorry

Author — Ethan McNulty


I saw the mv. I got the message avicii. U did not die in vain.

Author — wakekekes


Anonymous..whoever you are..thanks for everything you revealed to us, we were blinded by others, thank you, thank you, thank you

Author — Littzy Xochtill Garcia


oh man those are the best tracks i heard for a very long time, i just keep saying that

Author — Magali Grubel


Rest in peace avicii. I had a privilege seeing you perform in Hawaii for us

Author — iron lion zion


Avicii is a true hero, died (not sui) trying to expose evil!

Author — Cornish Broski


Rip Avicii your music will always go on you are a legend and always will be fly high now and make some good music xx

Author — Paula Marie Edmunds


After watching these pizza gate videos I have no real explanation of what it is.😔😔

Author — And I Oop


Avicii died as a legend... R.I.P <3

Author — Lisa Driessen


Atleast his death won't go in vain ( he was murdered BTW )

Author — Pinki Pilani


RIP thank you for sharing your meaningful message

Author — Alice A


The truth sent me. People are starting to hear you message. WWG1WGA 💙

Author — EC 17


Many more still fighting the war of evil

Author — Eileen Agnew


Gracias por la canción Avicii :'v Tamare que sad

Author — corvus lestrange


If you hear this and hear it then it wasn't in It must be for something.. He left us clues... Let's join them up.... X

Author — Alison Dyson


Fue y será el mejor ídolo que tuve en la vida. Pizzagate y toda la basura de esa organización deben de pagar por matar a una persona que quería que todo esto de los abusos se termine

Author — johanna fredes


rip its so pitty thats you going early from the World and why is avicii died
he has a wonderfull voice and a cool dj

Author — karam Musikfreak 1983


Hola, me maree, pensé que el se había suicidado pero dicen que lo mataron xq el tenía info sobre la pedofilia pero lo mataron xq sabrían que avicii algún día diría la verdad o como seria? Si alguien me explica xfa se lo agradecería

Author — Eder Matos