60-MINUTE SPECIAL #1 | Cirque du Soleil | KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, ‘’O’’ and LUZIA

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60-MINUTE SPECIAL #1 | Cirque du Soleil | KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, ‘’O’’ and LUZIA 5

It’s Friday and we have something special for our fans! Since you cannot come to us, we’re coming to you with a #CirqueConnect hour-long special.
Enjoy a front-row seat to awe-inspiring moments of the larger-than-life shows of KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, ‘’O’’, and LUZIA, with never-before seen angles that can only be experienced on your screen. Enjoy and stay safe ❤

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Y en tan duros momentos, te das cuenta que existe gente maravillosa. Realmente emocionada y agradecida por este espectáculo. Gracias Circo del Sol, sois muy muy GRANDES.

Автор — Aniuskita Ani


We took the kids to see this live a few years ago! It was the greatest performance and we'll never forget it!

Автор — TauntedBug


This is so I am speechless, their talent is beyond anything and everything

Автор — Hilin's Diary


Best cure for anything covid-19 or a death in the family - i have been left scarred for life i have a permanent fixed grin it feels wonderful.

Автор — John Rooke


Thank you for sharing theses amazing shows, they are absolutely magnificent

Автор — Carmo Sottomayor


Agradezco al Cirque du Soleil, el ser apoyo para el mundo, en este momento que requerimos darle un descanso a nuestra mente, olvidando por un momento las preocupaciones. Gracias por ser el bálsamo que nos hace más fuertes. Gracias infinitas desde México. :)

Автор — Alejandra H Salcedo


I’m not sure why it feels a little strange thinking about it. I was able to see Kurios at Singapore from the generosity of my mother’s friend, giving tickets to my family. It was always my dream to witness it and the memories were flooding when the Kurios segment played in. Seeing the generosity from the company warms my heart. Now the next generation of my family are able to see it. There’s nothing better to bring joy than Cirque du Soleil. Thank you.

Автор — nat_ lysa


Thankyou so much I was transported out of my gloom stunning the costumes and sets are out of this world xxx

Автор — Ki ki Dee


Excelente talento, mentes brillantes, todos guapos, escenografías de impacto visual sorprendente. FELICIDADES

Автор — Ross79 Sánchez


My daughter and I are watching from namibia during this time of lockdown. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you!

Автор — Zee's factor Zee


Se me ha pasado la hora volando. ALUCINANTE lo que hace esta gente. He disfrutando viendolo como el que mas

Автор — Pablo E


Невероятное мастерство, владение огнем и водой, а самое невероятное - своим телом! Беспредельное доверие к партнерам по спектаклю! Браво 1 000 000 раз и С П А С И Б О!!!

Автор — Наталья Базалеева


Thank you so much for this. Absolutely magnificent. We could never afford to watch this live, and so I thank you for doing this at this time that we are on community quarantine. God bless all the actors and performers of this wonderful company.

Автор — yan yan


Incredible performance - pulled at my heart strings!

Автор — Daria Robinson


Danke!Fantastico, incredible, wonderful, soooo schoen! Blessings.Ma Satprem

Автор — Satprem Ma


Oh my goodness, Kurios was the first Cirque Du Soleil show I saw. I’m personally from Canada, and I saw the show years ago in Vancouver. The nostalgia really hit me, when its soundtrack was the first one to play.❤️
Cirque Du Soleil absolutely re-motivated me to pursue dance once again. I have experience in ballet, ice dance and a little bit of circus school, but nothing compared to the wonders in Cirque Du Soleil.

Автор — Shikoku Mendes


Thank you so very much for giving us this incredible show and Qurinten distraction to all of us for free 🥰👏👏👏 Now on with the show! 👏👏👏

Автор — Queen


The young man with the tiger at 49:55 has amazing strength. I think he was my favorite part.

Автор — Charlotte D


thank you for this amazing performance and share it with us during this hard time!

Автор — cher young


COVID-19 had me here at hm being safe and this sure made my day. Beautiful and in hard times like this, it made laugh. Thank you and thank you to all in the front lines of our defense . USA

Автор — Dan Mat