A voiceover artist is pushed to his breaking point. | The Lion

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A voiceover artist is pushed to his breaking point. | The Lion 4.5



A seasoned voiceover artist is just trying to do his job as he reads his script out loud in his distinguished voice and accent.

But a trio of demanding corporate clients listening in on the recording session have other ideas, offering criticism at nearly every line.

When one of them offers a ludicrous "suggestion" meant to improve his work, it pushes the artist to the brink. And what he does next is both surprising, hilarious and deeply satisfying.

This award-winning short comedy is self-contained and its premise is simple. But Sam H. Buchanan's skillful directing works within its constraints, and the film never loses pace with its excellent rhythm and editing.

With its tight, economical writing, intelligent wit and well-calibrated performances, "The Lion" is a flawlessly executed satire about work, art and corporations -- with a punchline that anyone who's ever had a frustrating day at work should relate to.


A voiceover artist is pushed to his breaking point. | The Lion


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I once went to a voice actor's panel at a small convention. He told the story of a time when he (an American, black man) was auditioning for the role of a South African villain. Before the audition, he gathered every piece of source material he could find of the South African accent, and practiced it until he was confident. On the day of the audition, he read the lines and the client asked him to make it sound more "South African". He tried again, and again, each time laying into the accent heavier, until on one go he decided to try a mean-sounding Jamaican accent. He got the part.

Author — 40Kfrog


With a voice like that he could convince me my friend was dead even if they were right next to me

Author — Woah


I like the end part where the sound operator is trying to figure out where his loyalty is, and goes with the voice actor. Good for you, operator. Good for you.

Author — Misha


"It's as standard. They need to understand no one else has this feature."

I died.

Author — butsecks


This short actually made me feel rotten. Those are the most god awful annoying people I’ve ever seen!

Author — Meepinacan 123


This was really professionally put together for such a silly punchline

Author — Slinx


Sometimes the actor is not at fault but rather the director

Author — Sami Khan


I was expecting the three of them to say “mmm not quite” at the end

Author — jin gay


The way she talks down to him like a 5 year old pisses me off

Author — Dead outside


I thought he was having a heart attack or something lmfao

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


She did say imagine a lion jumping at him so there you go

Author — Dennis Roman


God, that’s what it’s actually like. I went through something exactly like this with a client. The engineer and I thought my readings were fine but the client was micromanaging every word.

Author — WhatWouldHouseDo


Yo, that mans voice was the most soothing thing I‘ve ever heard in my life

Author — Pennervomland


Vince showed the 3 dudes that he has been doing everything they've been telling him to do perfectly. they thought they were experts when vince was the expert. they didn't know how much of a professional vince was and probably realized in the end that they were in the wrong.

Author — GearBlue


The producers genuine uncomfort really sold this entire short film.

Author — DeadBoiClique


How are they not appreciating his perfect voice.

Author — Rpm


AS STAN- **shakes gaps*" **scared with a genuine look of fear**

Author — Kaiser


I thought he was gonna have a heart attack until I realized he was just doing what she told him to do 😂

Author — Cayden Allen


“Nicely done! Everybody happy?”

“ *No.* “

Author — Strawbewy


" he's not good enough ! "

godlike voice actor : i'm about to shut his mind down .

Author — SUPRA