Einstein's Famous Blunder - Sixty Symbols

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Albert Einstein did amazing things with General Relativity - but he famously got it wrong when it came to the expansion of the Universe.

This project features scientists from The University of Nottingham

Sixty Symbols videos by Brady Haran

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I enjoyed Professor Copeland's gentle and interesting telling of the story of those equations! You should unleash him more often, Brady. :)

Author — RimstarOrg


Please let the professors use equations in the videos more often. They made this one so much easier to follow!

Author — Nillie


"Yes, please."

I love this guy. He's my favorite.

Author — Captain Matticus


"If I could conjure up Einstein and bring him into the room right now..."

*dead serious* "Yes please."

Author — Robert Edwards


"You MOCK my equations!"
This is how supervillains are born.

Author — Remington Lewis


I know you try and keep the maths to a minimum with these videos, and leave it up to people to research more thoroughly if they're interested, but this is probably one of the most interesting videos on your channel (for me, at least), even with the maths.

Author — Ben


"If I could conjure up Einstein and bring him into the room right now..."
"Yes please!"

Author — CheckeeAintAmused


thanks for explaining this to thousands of people just like you were talking to a friend!

Author — Cr42yguy


Really heavy on the maths this time, I like it :)

Author — Richard Melcher


wtf brady? i like this math. and i'm pretty sure most of ur viewers appreciate it as well.

Author — mos ab


THANK YOU. Something that is not dumbed down beyond recognition.

Author — poseidon


Can't discuss these topics in depth without the maths. Keep it coming!

Author — TheMakersRage


Brady let the man speak, we are not afraid of equations! This is good stuff!

Author — Harlequin314159


Wonderful talk! Please let there be more equations Brady. I'm sure 60-70% of your audience here can keep up with the equations.

Author — Paras Singh


"If I could conjure Einstein and bring him into the room--"
"Yes please"

Author — Fiaca


"Blunder" is a bit of an overstatement. He did science, he followed an hypothesis and it was proven wrong. It's ok if Einstein was wrong, that's what science is for.

Author — Kony Hawk Pro Slaver


_If I could conjure up Einstein and bring him into the room now-
- Yes, please._ * little smile *

The whole thing is great, but this is my favorite part of the interview.

Author — That Bean You Had For Dinner


"Yes please." That was the highlight of the video for me. Can't stop smiling.

Author — rockyraccoon


I read a book about the universe, and I'm pretty sure that Lambda is going to turn out to be 42.

Author — Scott Morgan


This is one of my very favorite videos on the sixty symbols channel.

Author — Nate Blubaugh