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As we all know that ULIPs known to be as Unit Linked Investment Plans are more into our market. Many people are planning to purchase it as well as have already been investing into the same. Another product under this 4G ULIP plan which is becoming better and famous. Because of the hep of digitalization we can say a huge change into the market of ULIP plans.

People are into that urge to save the money as in the form of ULIPs investments so that it can be beneficial to them in the near future. Such as for marriage purpose, for higher education and to live their life happily and peacefully after the retirement period of time.

Now we can see that earlier the ULIPs plan which was introduced for very much costly. But now the new age ULIP which is known as 4G ULIP is not that much costly and it gives a higher amount of returns. The charges of ULIPs are less than Mutual Funds and also they are bringing more and more improvements.

If there is single charge then it will be comfortable for each and every customer who wants to use the ULIP plan and customer tends to check that what kind of plan will suit him and to his future.

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Icici ulip agent said premium of 1lac for 7 years and after 3 years I. E. 10 years 13 lac What is this all about... If you can guide....

Author — rinkesh sompura