Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate

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Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate 5
Author of 'The Diversity Delusion' breaks down the rise of intolerance on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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U.S. Colleges & Universities have been infested with Socialist/Communists for at least than half a century. I should know. I was in college during the late 60s, and it began with church owned colleges.

Автор — Light Dancing


They don't teach hate in trade schools.

Автор — Polijuana Cracker


Cut funding for these lazy, smelly, Marxist racist professors.

Автор — Aquila Eagle


Speech is the nation's immune system. Social Justice is an auto-immune disease.

Автор — muhdernity


yeah but also don't forget elementary, middle and high school teachers.

Автор — dev0n james


The conservative right is the only remaining bastion of free thought.

Автор — musicmansuperman


If Heather MacDonald ever run for president I will vote for her. She definitely has a stable mind compare to the other female that will not be named

Автор — Marty


I'm a college senior on my way out in the spring and this woman speaks the truth.

Автор — Antonio Rodriguez


U.s colleges are teaching racism and discrimination for the benefit of the left.

Автор — jā carter


Colleges have become nothing more than wicked overpriced day care centers that only extends childhood well into a person's 20s.

Автор — monkeygraborange


looks like i just saved 200k, im sending my daughter to welding school.

Автор — digitalsaint2040


You people have no clue how deeply we are compromised. Their long game started a long time ago. I took hvac classes in Community college and the black men had absolutely no business being there. They were given the answers on tests, blatantly. They didn't study, they didn't pay attention in class, they went out into the shop and were on their phones the whole time. The instructors did nothing . These people didn't have a 5th grade education. And were given a b average and sent out into the world. This is not racist, this is a tragedy. Those men have been failed by their education process from day one.

Автор — Christopolous Von Snuffolaupagus


This woman is AMAZING with her logic. It’s common sense as we know it put into perspective. When I was in college I knew how to make money, cook, clean, balance a checkbook, and fix my car. I worked and paid rent too. Dad was .gov and mom is a school teacher, far from wealthy but still the American dream. I will teach my son the same.

Автор — slagletoby


Universities are Indoctrinating tribalism, hate & identity politics - This will lead to eventual civil war

Автор — Michael Bruneau


I remember in 2016 when people called me insane for talking about the chances of a civil war.

Автор — Kronos


It's not just higher education. Kids are being indoctrinated in preschool, kindergarten, grade, and high schools, too. The neoMarxists are winning hearts and minds, folks. Step up and do what you can to slow or stop this!

Автор — LJ Prep


Read The War on Boys by Christina Hoff Sommers and Taken Into Custody by Stephen Baskerville. Go to Amazon and read what chapters are available on both books. You won't regret it.

Автор — Larry Singleton


Socialism and Communism spreading everywhere.

Автор — Jim Hill


Dear Feminists.

This is what an intelligent, accomplished, educated, successful Woman looks and sounds like. She happens to be indistinguishable to the many intelligent, educated, accomplished, successful Men I happen to know. The only difference is her gender. The common factors are she is intelligent, accomplished, educated and successful. Are you detecting a theme yet? Gender is irrelevant to being intelligent, educated, accomplished or successful. It's just called 'Hard Work' and having 'Principles & ethics'.

Great video!

Автор — BladeRnR10


I'd say it started in 60's with the Frakfurt [[[ School ]]]...

Автор — Anatoll D.