Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate

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Heather MacDonald warns US colleges are breeding hate 5
Author of 'The Diversity Delusion' breaks down the rise of intolerance on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.'

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U.S. Colleges & Universities have been infested with Socialist/Communists for at least than half a century. I should know. I was in college during the late 60s, and it began with church owned colleges.

Автор — Light Dancing


Colleges have become nothing more than wicked overpriced day care centers that only extends childhood well into a person's 20s.

Автор — monkeygraborange


Dear Feminists.

This is what an intelligent, accomplished, educated, successful Woman looks and sounds like. She happens to be indistinguishable to the many intelligent, educated, accomplished, successful Men I happen to know. The only difference is her gender. The common factors are she is intelligent, accomplished, educated and successful. Are you detecting a theme yet? Gender is irrelevant to being intelligent, educated, accomplished or successful. It's just called 'Hard Work' and having 'Principles & ethics'.

Great video!

Автор — BladeRnR10


yeah but also don't forget elementary, middle and high school teachers.

Автор — dev0n james


They are turning women into green haired, obese, nose ringed, tattooed, man hating feminists.

Автор — Constant Chinner


As a women. I hate what the feminist. Are trying to force other women to think like them !

Автор — Sue Sally


Hate doesn't get a job to pay the 100 grand college debt, neither does a Black studies, diversity, equity, or gender studies degree. Good luck graduates, don't forget to thank your professors while you learn about real life in the unemployment line.

Автор — Rick A


I have an eleven year old Granddaughter that can't stand Trump. She has been taught this in school. They are too young to understand Politics
in any way. She doesn't even know why or who he is? I was appalled when I found this out. Why is this allowed?

Автор — Kathy Warner


Wasn't Harvard busted for discrimination against Asian Americans???
Oooh...how "liberal"😆

Автор — Trey K


U.s colleges are teaching racism and descrimination for the benefit of the left.

Автор — Reality isnt A choice


It just isn't college's do it...it's being done in many elementary schools today as well.. 'The indoctrination of any sexual perversion - Atheism - Rebellion towards parents - No respect for people in uniforms - Not being held accountable for actions - Blame others when you fail - White people are privileged.... So, by the time many enter college today, they are ready for the final grooming.

Автор — patrick4865


I truly despise these college professors!!

Автор — Justin Giffei


*The left wing, liberal indoctrination begins early with our youth. DE-FUND the Department of Education... NOW!*

Автор — Hangfire-13


We need prayer and God back in our schools and colleges!

Автор — annie conner


brave woman speaking her truth I would love more of this

Автор — John North


Speech is the nation's immune system. Social Justice is an auto-immune disease.

Автор — muhdernity


Strong men create good times
Good times create weak men
Weak men create bad times
Bad times create strong men
Strong men create good times

Автор — Tractor Nation


This topic needs to be more of a federal issue. One tweet from Trump might do it. "Defund the universities".

Автор — No,Isaidposse


And that, young Gentlemen, is what a real woman sounds like...Kudos Heather MacDonald.👍🏻

Автор — Iam N.


Indeed, and if you disagree with a professor regarding political correctness, they will score you low on assignments and exams. I had a professor score my assignment lower because I used "man-made" rather than "human-made" as he stated it wasn't gender neutral. When you complain to the committees, they always side with the professors citing the professors can grade you based on their own criteria, not an established grading rubric. So, in academia, you can't use "blacks", but must use African-Americans, even though the U.S. Census Bureau still uses "Black" on its questionnaires. You're either American or you're not. There's no such thing as African-American or Hispanic American. It's a way for academians to group people into categories. Liberals and leftists are the real racists. This is the kind of nonsense they're attempting to push on everyone.

Автор — ispin4u2