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🔥 My Apartment Tour - Canada 4.5

I live in Waterloo, Ontario and this video is a virtual tour of my apartment. Hope you guys will like the video.

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Sorry guys i missed to show u all the walk-in closet and the washer-dryer space and now it seems so many people are interrsted to know the rent so it is $1600 + hydro + parking. It is still very cheap as in live in Waterloo, the rent of a 2 bedroom apartment/condo in Toronto GTA region would not be anyhow less than $2500.. so yeah this is a major perk of NOT living in Toronto 🙃🙃🙃

Author — Dream Abroad


You sound a little like Farhan Akthar...😂♥️

Author — Brad Cooper


Title should be "Over Here Apartment Tour" :)

Author — Uche Elisha


simple word for your great sweet home

Author — World's Viral News


If Sheetanshu ever becomes a rapper, his nickname will be 'Over Here'.

Author — Usama Siddiqui


Indian and chinesse are the same, occupying every corner of the world.

Author — Sambo Tsang


I second the commenter about you being a rapper.
"Ladies and Gentlemen We have MC-OVER HERE, over here!"
Nice stuff brother. Subscribed 😎👌

Author — mhelromz08


Amazing vedio
was waiting since so long for this and will love to watch more of it ..
As i really love your vediozz ♥️
Keep up the Good work May God give you many more
Ans may God bring your wife soon too ... & make it easy for you .. ♥️

Author — Amna Nisar


One of the best apartment tour i've seen so far.. Really a nice apartment

Author — Azar khateeb


You lost the count for “over here “ 😂. Thanks for the video ✌️

Author — Gagan Gangwal


Your apartment looks simply awesome. Would love to watch more!

Author — RGR


Amazing appartment!!
Would really like to find such an appartment!! I am coming to waterloo this September. Could you hook me to one such?? Or provide some contact or something??

Author — hardik khatri


Now, that was a very personal video and I really must applude you for being so open and letting us into your space. A very fancy apartment too!❤❤❤ Thanks for the tour!🙏🏾

Author — Chioma Okoye


Superb one, dude!! Thanks for the video. We really like to see such videos. Please make more. Your apartment is awesome. 😊✅

Author — Avadh Patel


Great video! Many thanks for taking your time. Just one thing: i was trying to reach you at IG, but couldn't find you as "DREAMABROAD.MYLIFE", is there another way to do it? Thanks again.

Author — Iceberg Guerrero


Beautiful and Comfortable home
God bless 👍🏻

Author — Rakhee Ayesha Bhatia


haii ...nice apartment 😍
what is the name of this apartment .. iam in searchh of a good apartment in waterloo.... we are moving from minnesota tired of searching good apartments in near toronto .

Author — Sajiinia A


Wao it's amazing. I have seen first time this kind of amenities in one place could you please tell us where is it

Author — ambreen ali


Loved to see such neat and spacious rooms! What’s the rental cost bro or you bought it?

Author — B Sitaram


Beautiful Place you got there bro.... 😊👍🏻

This would be called a Condo right?

Author — Ravi S