FREE Photo Editors (RAW): Photoscape X & RawTherapee

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FREE Photo Editors (RAW): Photoscape X & RawTherapee 5

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Now Darktable is available also for Windows and is awesome.

Author — João Maria Vasconcelos Fontes de Barros Taveira


It would be nice to see an updated version of this.

Author — Martin Hodge


Any updates on these two programs are they still good in 2019?

Author — DigNap15


Seems EVERYTIME I look for help "Tony & Chelsea" appear.
EVERYTIME I watch a vid, it's God-Send!
What a labor of love, imho.
Utmost thanks & blessings!

Author — 777


So you are telling me that you made we watch frikin 30 minutes of how to use Photoescape X just to show me that raw therapee is much better? >_>

Author — Juniper Lemuel Jingco


Nice video. But aditionally, RawTherapee is also available on Linux which is great, even though I prefere Darktable which is also a very powerful tool.

Author — Diemotma


I gotta check out PhotoshopX. Definitely looks very user friendly. I gave Adobe an attempt but was more lost than I've ever been.

Author — SergeTheBlerge


Tony, thank you so much! For weeks I had fumbled around unsuccessfully with every imaginable tool to make a wire disappear. PhotoscapeX + RawTherapee were perfect. The wire "healed" out quickly and easily. Plus I added some interest to the blurred background. So easy and quick.

Author — Bob Thurmond


Thanks for the review Tony. About RawTherapee, don't forget to activate the tool if you see a "power button" in the tool's header ;) otherwise the slider might create an entry in the history but will not update the image.

One more small tip for those tempted by this software : right click over a tool's header to expand it and collapse all the others, making things less intimidating. And you have different mean of doing color adjustments in so different tool, at some point you'll have your preferred ones.

Author — Jean Le Guique


I use Rawtherapee, since I can use it on my Linux laptop. Just awesome

Author — Ruudsosalsa


"Always read this agreement. I'm a really fast reader, so I'm just gonna go.." LOL

Author — Anders Skandsen


Many thanks Tony! I've been using the old version of Photoscape for a couple of years now, and I was not aware of the "X" upgrade. You've saved me from the dark abyss of Adobe subscriptions!

Author — Patrick Fitzgerald


Amazing what these apps can do! I've been using a bridge camera, sending photo straight to phone, then a quick Instagram edit and posted.
Just ordered a new dslr, looking forward to stepping up my game. Thanks for sharing

Author — Joshn569


I have switched to Rawtherapee few months ago and it's absolutely amazing that such a powerful software is free. For me it's better than lightroom and i really don't know why it isn't more popular. If you don't need all the features, just don't use them - it's obvious what you need for a basic edit, and in the default setting all the basic features are turned on (the little "power" icon on top of every effect, don't forget to turn on a feature that you want to use, if it's not already on).

Author — Wolfshark


Really love Photoscape! They've added some extra's as well. Thank you Tony for the excellent overview!~

Author — firstdance2000


Thank you so much, Tony! this is awesome! damn i love this channel.

Author — Trolly *


Thank you Tony,
I'm new to photography/picture taking
I've been wondering about and looking for a photo editor that's free. Great and very helpful info.

Author — Tahoe Twin


Thanks Tony, very helpful and useful! I can also recommend Lightzone :-)

Author — David Ralston-Bryce


By God Tony! Is there any topic you did not make a video on? Eternally grateful, Soumyajit

Author — Soumyajit Sanyal


Thank you for telling us about these amazing tools!

Author — Jaime Almeida