Devil May Cry - COMBO MAD -

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

I'm home!
This is the first video in 2022. I'm glad to notify you of my YouTube activities resuming soon :D
All combos in this video are re-edited ones, but I will be happy if you enjoy them again xD


Used music : Devil May Cry 3 - Divine Hate x Devils Never Cry

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This man is doing legit combos with V, that's how you know he's extremely skilled

Author — Umi G


I wonder how much practice someone would need to do such insane combos, i'm great at DMC but this guy is just crazy.

Author — Júlio Sordi


On one of his streams, I asked Donguri "You're not human, are you?" And surprisingly enough he actually responded, saying "Who knows? I'm not so sure myself?"

Someone else chimed in saying that he's the real life Dante. Watching this, I can see how they came to that conclusion

Author — He Who Battles


Imagine defying death, tearing your demon-blooded son's arm clean off while your own body is crumbling to dust, spending months feeding blood to your demon half to increase your own raw power, consuming the fruit that empowered Mundus to conquer the underworld, and merging back with your human half to become the most powerful iteration of yourself ever, only to get rammed in the back by a bicycle

Author — mercury


I will never be able to move my hands fast enough to process the shit this man does

Author — Pandajam79


This game is 14 years old and its combo system still feels fresh when this man plays.

Author — CervixCrusader


You've done so many combo mad videos, it would be interesting to hear what you would consider the ideals for combo games like this. What makes some characters better than others, games better than others, how much is too much or too little, etc.

Author — Vadan Drumist


Combos in DMC 4 are so beautiful. Awesome video! :)

Author — Cindy_ Gilver


It’s just something about DMC 4 that gives the combos so much sauce

Author — Papabless


Glad to see that you kept playing DMC after all these years :D

Author — Dante Black


Some of these just left me saying "Holy Shit."
Welcome back, Donguri.

Author — Run-Riot


These combos are legendary are always. 🔥🔥

Author — Mr. Marvin


Damn that intro with the "let's have some fun" line is just amazing.

Author — Azdaz277


Seriously awesome, that V combo was so stylish

Author — DashBlue


What an amazing combo mad, thank you for all of your hard work!

Author — Soujiro Seta


That thumbnail is such a blessing that i didn't know i need in my life.

Author — Đ.Dương


Hell yeah Donguri. Good to see you back again. That first combo with Vergil was slick as heck 😍

Author — Sam Hassall


What an amazing showcase! I see you even changed your style here and there with this combo video! Awesome video!

Author — Brilliant_Suns_Gaming


Your combo videos surely keeps DMC alive and rolling! Welcome back!!

Author — Ray Siroff


Superb skills as always! This makes me wanna play the Devil May Cry series again.

Author — Seven Heaven Haven Gaming