This Simple Trick Will Motivate You For Life (Animated Story)

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This Simple Trick Will Motivate You For Life (Animated Story) 4.5

In this video, I talk about how to become motivated. There is one little trick that we all can do to unlock our motivation, and it’s something that I personally do every single day. I know there are a lot of videos on YouTube that talk about this topic, but I really do believe this is the most important one you could watch.

Thanks so much for watching, and I hope you all enjoy the video.

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This one took a lot of effort. Really hope you guys enjoy it!

After reading some comments, I see that I didn't do the best job ending the story... When Leo was in Poverty, he was motivated because he had to survive. But the reason why he was so successful in the Tourism company, and the reason why he moved up so fast, was because he was grateful to be in a position where he was NOT in Poverty, and he was not in danger.

I Should have made that clearer, will learn from the mistake and make the next story better.

Author — Mitch Manly


Motivation is temporary
Discipline is what gets you to your goals

Author — Nikki Talbot-Jones


The moral of this story: find a sugar daddy



This doesn't happen often, so please read this carefully:
After I watched this video, I immediately thought of my mom. She works so hard to put food on the table, and when she comes home she still cleans the house, makes me dinner, and makes the effort to stay awake just to hear how my day went. And me...I'm old enough to get a job. So you know what I did? All those classes I've been getting C's on, I studied secretly at night in my room. I went to the dollar store to buy some organizing materials. I watched Youtube recipes and tutorials and cooked for my mum. She was so happy when she got my report card, I bet your lips would curl upwards if you saw what I saw. She was proud of me, and I was proud to succeed in everything. My goal before this year ends is to be physically strong, slim, and empowering to others. You can do whatever you want to guys. You can tear down those barriers you THINK are untearable. Thank you for reading <3

Author — Trinity D.R


This is the second video I watched about boy who lost his parents, was starving, had to take care of his brother (or sister) and needed to do something or he'll die. I'm Sorry, but this isn't motivating me at all. I'd rather starve to death than to suffer more.

Author — MilkaHedgehog


-he was starving, so he enter the house to steal food.
-they took all of his money.
what's that supposed to mean?

Author — Botayna Kadim


Why don't you just tell us the SIMPLE TRICK and not put us through storytime

Author — VacuBlaster


moral of the story, get lucky and make a connection with a wealthy man

Author — Aaron Keefer


This is really a unnecessary und unrelated video. The whole time this was about survival and at the end it was "be grateful then you are motivated". It wasn't gratefulness which helped him do it, it was the survival instinct. The need to survive....

Author — webuser 2014


If you are a tall wealthy man with good shoes please reply I need assistance

Author — mel k


cool story bro 2:22 so he was STARVING then the mob took 2k that he had in his back pocket? poor Leo didn't know he could buy bread with all the money he had

Author — MoDy Joe


What a waste of time. The guy was starving, and caring for a younger brother. He got a chance, Getting stuff done for 2 weeks and his life will change. where is the relationship between this and sustaining motivation for long-term goals..

Author — Elmehdi Hamouda


Moral of the story ? Poor people are the BEST slaves. They will take your business to the TOP.

Author — Abdulraghmaan Abrahams


This is maybe interesting for 7-12 year old children 😁 soo boring and predictable

Author — mojKanalll


hey sir, are u lost?

i am a wealthy buisnessman!

Author — bape bape


This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time

Author — Jason Black


This Doesn’t Make Any Sense. This Isn’t Even Relevant To Gaining Motivation And Staying Positive

Author — Reace


Dude was literally hungry and starving but his motivation was somehow him being grateful? What a load of bull

Author — Nathan Branham


Bruhh just wasted my time. His Motivation is called survival Mode, getting motivated when already have all you need, is what most people struggle with.

Author — LKW


His motivation was hunger and Desperation

Author — Terra bull