Let's Play Illusion of Gaia #16 - Mutown

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 years ago

In this episode, we unlock the path to the ruins of Mu. But do we really want to? Really?

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You cant beat HC Bailly's Let's play commentary!  It makes me feel like Saturday morning watching him play these old SNES games!

Author — THESHOTTS1217


Two empty treasure chests... Locke has somehow discovered the secret of traveling between LPs!

Author — drunyon214


From what I looked up, Ra is THE sun god, but Horus is also considered A sun god, since he is the god of the sky.

Author — HCBailly


"a herb" seems prevalent in UK and Australia. It's a bit unclear whether that's a classic or modern way of pronouncing it, though.

Author — Zuron


Anyone else reminded of the battle with Magus when those flames went up in the Room of Hope?

Author — drunyon214


Will and Lilly escape R'lyeh, but now are in the Mountains of Madness, where it is likely they will be eaten by a shoggoth. At least they prevented Cthulhu from rising..

This is getting even more Zelda-esque..what's next, an old man saying "Room of Hope is the secret"? Or "Vampires dislike smoke"?

Well, it's a secret to everybody.

Author — Cold Fire


Powder knows too much glad he was stroke by lighting in the end.

Author — DarkWizard


1:00 I've always been under the impression that it was the vampire couple they were referring to :/

Also, yay hypocrisy with the slaver guy? Whether I'm referring to what the slaver said or what HC Bailly said there is up to you. But it's why I strongly dislike "holier than thou" types.

4:00 Already linked it last video; no need to do so again.

7:10 It's not just that. It's the water cutting off areas and sealing away enemies. In most places, you go through a room, clear it out in one go (or maybe with a bit of going back and forth like Sky Garden at most), get a stat boost, which can include HP ups (and automatic HP refills...and really, all of them are helpful for your survivability, STR ups because "best defense is good offense" logic, HP and DEF ups for obvious reasons), and move on to the next room. But here? You have to lower the water level twice before you can clear any rooms. And by that point, you're mostly through the dungeon. Then you clear out all the rooms rapid fire, with only a few enemies left in each.

Somehow this game that has no swimming still managed to make its water level complete fuck.

Author — EarthPhantomTS


I always hated this area. Once I made it through the whole game without using an herb (except the one I needed to give myself an inventory slot late in the game). Mu was the hardest by far.

Author — jtn2002


I think the Slimes might be a reference to Dungeons and Dragons given that was one of the more well known enemies from it.

Author — Azarius Flashfang


the boss for this palace is crazy hard in my oppinion o.O

Author — BraveSTAR (dn3xe)


I live in Canada and with the exception of French-speaking Canadians we mostly pronounce the 'h' in 'herb'. In French the 'h' is silent.

Author — UkyoKuonji2010


In addition to this, it'd mean instead of an (h)erb, we would say a herb.

Author — Quezacotl


HcBailly, you may be wondering why us brits say herb with a strong h. We often say words with strong h's, it is simply the way our accent goes.

Author — Nhoj2307


Slimes are also in the breath of fire games but the ones after the first call the sludges or goos.

Author — Glissa Reborn


We (in Sweden) are learning the British version of English and we (I) say herb, pronouncing the "h".
That doesn't mean everyone does that though..

Author — gpadd


I think I did a project on those distinctions like three and a half years ago...or at least this was part of it. If I remember correctly, they were sun gods for different parts of Ancient Egypt. Eventually, one of those two cultures got assimilated (or at least the religions sort of melded together) into the other, and so the new name was adopted for the sun god. Don't ask me which was which--I don't remember. But I think it happened something like that.

Author — speyeker


According to the Shin Megami Tensei games, Slimes are "A primitive monster with a viscous body. There are various theories as to it's origin but it is still under debate. Said to compulsively collect shiny objects."

Author — Zelarpie


every key item in the game seems to have l i t t l e m o n e y

Author — EnigmaticBlitz


Sorry, HC. I want to see you find those vampires... Mostly because I'm interested in your plan to kick their butts... ON THE HUM! That's a hard fight.

Author — tyrennobile