Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test

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Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test 5
Our ultimate BBQ sauce taste test will get you through summer at the grill!  GMM #1560

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💬 Comments on the video

I think these kind of head to head taste tests should be blind like GMM did for pasta sauce and hot dogs

Author — Critical Nobody


Who in their right mind would buy any Kraft product for bbq sauce?

Author — Mr Blue 90210


Rhett: The taste of this barbecue sauce is amazing

Link: This packaging and design of the barbecue sauce is very fancy.

Author — Devon Baratcart


"Thick dark goodness" was my name in highschool.

Author — S C


All this blithering about packaging this is why you should be judging this blind. It's a known fact packaging influences your taste judgment.

Author — Richard Wheatley


Kraft is the BBQ sauce Karen brings to the picnic with her unseasoned potato salad.

Author — Donovan Graciano


There needs to be a palate cleanser between each one. You're getting all the flavors mixed up.

Author — salley1518


To be honest, let Link have a video dedicated to judging only the packaging of things
Please xD

Author — PentaCost 7


7:00 why was that specific drumstick leaking so much juice?! Lol (rhetts)

Author — AyoJayArr


*stubbs* i love a vinegar sauce
Hey yall where my texans at?
Amarillo here

Author — k*don*


Link is a perfect example of why marketing tactics work. He so influenced by names and pictures lol.

Author — Dearth of Doohickey’s


I'm married to sweet baby rays bbq sauce.. Thats my stuff and i shall never go astray..

Author — Mike Mason


After watching Link eat pulled pork it is evident that he has no clue how to use a fork effectively.

Author — Chris L


Why am I watching this? We don't even have BBQ-sauce in Belgium...

Author — Bert Goedemé


1. This should've been a blind taste test.

2. Of course Sweet Baby Ray was going to win! It's

Author — andrea_20306


I think maybe your taste test should be blind taste test. There’s too much interference of packaging and other stuff LOL



I want them to try california gold bbq sauce from kinders

Author — Kalin


Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ is my favorite.

Author — Pamela Tobolowsky


Being from Lubbock, Texas I'm sad Stubbs didnt make it to the finals 😭😭😭

Author — Britton G


Stubb's and sweet baby Ray's are my "go to" BBQ sauces. In that order.

Author — Rebecca H