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To my audience- We don't know what happens from here. We want to genuinely create good content for our community.

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We are human
We are not perfect.
We all make mistakes.
Accept, learn & move on ❤

~ Sandeep Maheshwari 🙏

Author — Rahul Das


Today i have read 1 article about arguments… After watching this video… i got to know about, how i can execute my points without having any fear.. i dnt care about what others are thinking about this matter.. whole comment section is against you.. but for me you did everything right.. ❤️🌝

Author — Rajat Tiwari


Sandeep ne jo statement di vo bilkul sahi h👏👏

Author — 𝙼𝚄𝚂𝙸𝙲 𝙼𝙿𝟹


Huge respect for Sandeep Maheshwari sir❤️❤️❤️

Author — Shreya Kumari


Huge respect 🫡 after watching this video ❤

Author — RZ Vlogs


In my opinion he might be a “big guy” but clearly has insecurities. You handled this situation well and maturely. You have my support!

Author — The Insurance Agent


21:21 Happy to see people still know how to stand for themselves, irrespective of where the masses go.I hope soon all the suffering will end for both of you (SG and PG). 22:14 *fire*

Author — सौम्या


This guy has earned my respect prakhar i dont know if your reading this many people are with you dont worry

Author — vaibhav raut


Takes courage how a small YouTube guy is taking over big names the right way and uncovering the ugly faces.

Author — Alok Singh


You genuinely made yourself so clear. That's called "Art of conversation". Your channel has given me, new perspective to see life. You are inspiration to me ❤️
More power to you prakhar sir.. You are rockstar.🤜🤛

Author — Jayshree Toppo


Huge respect after watching this video

Author — Bigg Boss Kannada Trolls


Big Sandeep Maheshwari's fan & follower since childhood, but the way you responded and shared the facts, applaud for that! More power to you!

Author — Manya Madan


Prakhar's pointing outs and data is genuine on his side... I think Sandeep sir have to do similar rational analysis of the controversy from his side and give us these types of pointing outs... Otherwise may be people like me consider those data lack videos and community guidelines a PR campaign

Author — Import Export firm


With you on this buddy...Your criticism and arguments were very valid..You were respectful throughout the whole process, also I believe you judged the ideas and not 'sandeep' .👍

Author — Nishit Tomar


I choose to be neutral at this issue after hearing both versions, so I request everyone not to support anyone blindly and let's end this controversy and focus on our growth

Author — Joy of Delight


Prashar bro i can relate to you..bcoz i had so many times in my life, seen this kind of scenario, me vs So called big bulls ..But i remained calm n found my opportunity to strike the 🔨.

Author — Kanwarjit Singh


You have a long way to go, bro, I hope they pay you each penny for the harassment and bullying. Please stay tight, we are with you❤️

Author — Namrata Khatwani


You are the one who loves Indian culture without hating or even without unnecessary comparison to others cultures. Science and Philosophy in its true form there is no difference whether it is Indian or modern. And you are doing the real thing what is needed. Love and support 😍

Author — Ankur Jain


I am always with sandeep maheshwari sir and I respect him

Author — Rohit Chauhan


5year back I used to listen Sandeep Maheshwari listened his videos daily for 3 months and after that it strikes my mind he is doing shit only time waste.
Thereafter I haven't watched his videos.

We support you prakhar.
Take care.

Author — Nayan Gupta