Mueller Complained About Barr’s Letter to Congress: A Closer Look

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Mueller Complained About Barr’s Letter to Congress: A Closer Look 5

Seth takes a closer look at Attorney General William Barr testifying in Congress after news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller complained to Barr about his description of the report.
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Mueller Complained About Barr’s Letter to Congress: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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If you're innocent and there's no crime, why would you try to stop an investigation into that? Now THAT makes no sense.

Author — sEEk-Oreo


When you got nothing to stand on, make it about Hillary

Author — Michelle M


Barr is not the Attorney General of the US, he is the Attorney General of Trump. This is a total lack of professional ethics.

Author — Paul Makinson


The sad thing is, if Trump told his followers the country of Russia didn't exist, they would argue blind that it was a fact. Even when presented with evidence to the contrary.

Author — Anthony Ferguson


"its not a crime because it didn't work", cause attempted murder is just a family friendly activity

Author — JP Fragoso


I love how Graham read the texts and they all perfectly describe Trump and his joke of an administration.

Author — Joe Sheridan


Why do we continue to get better information about the news through late night shows? Seth, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, & Sam Bee are better reporters than the actual news.

Author — Rose Justice


Republicans: "Oh no, we don't have a leg to stand on! Quick, blame Hilary!"

Author — VultureClone


Lindsey *should* be apologizing to the children, because he's knowingly and deliberately helping to destroy the democracy they stand to inherit.

Author — MassExtinctionEvent


barr and graham will go down in history as just two more of the members of toad trump's cockroach army

Author — ozzrob


Barr auditioned for the AG job on his KNEES with his mouth OPEN!

Author — Bunchoffuckingbullshit


400 pages is not a long book, it's average at best. Has Graham ever read a book? LOL

Author — Nolan Luckett


My staff colluded. My son colluded. I obstructed. I would've obstructed way more, but my staff disobeyed my orders to do so.
In other words, I'm completely innocent.

Author — Bruce Baker


According to Lindsey Graham, if you try to rob a bank but you don't get any money, it isn't a crime.

Author — Dianne Forit


Does Lindsey Graham remember that even he called trump a "kook" and "unfit for office?"

Author — Tony C


"Lies, and smears, and slander" okay when does all that end from HIM though?

Author — Banjo Peppers


There was obstruction. Barr covered it up.

Author — Brian


No Russian, no nothing. Hm. "In 2016, after being approached by U.S. intelligence community officials, McConnell refused to give a bipartisan statement with President Obama warning Russia not to interfere in the upcoming election."

Author — Aljoscha Long


I thought Jeff Sessions was a spineless Trump stooge, now even he seems like a decent honorable man compared to this shameless William Barr.

Author — Kim Jong Fun


Barr lied to Congress when he said he did not know if Mueller approved of his 4 page summary, when in fact he know Mueller did not approve.

Author — Redridge07