SEASON 5 Major Update in Call of Duty Mobile: TODAY or Tomorrow??

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

SEASON 5 Major Update in Call of Duty Mobile: TODAY or Tomorrow??

Hey guys, today we look at the new update for season 5: the April Fool's event, the credit storre update and the rank reset details. Today or Tomorrow?

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Call of Duty®: Mobile is a new free-to-play game that brings together the maps, weapons and characters from across the Call of Duty® series in the definitive first-person action experience on mobile.

Call of Duty®: Mobile is a new, standalone mobile title that features a collection of fan-favorite maps, competitive game modes, familiar characters and signature weapons from across our beloved franchises, including Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare, into one epic experience.

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💬 Comments

Imagine if this is a whole April fools day joke and the update is actually on April 2nd xD

Author — ƑusionツËgg - COD And More


Can't wait for the update! I like to see you grinding rank on stream🙂

Author — Azim Albedo


you could use the hats for the daily exchange store (ex hvk and open ciruit skins.)

Author — Philip Kerlin


It would be really exiting!, if we got everything at the same time but who knows it could be tomorrow.

Author — Alex Gabriel


This fells like new year dude waiting for the new update 😂😂

Author — josh •


The update should arrive tonight because remember their in a different time zone then us

Author — Mr Psycho


Hopefully for awesome rank n BP on tmrw!! Awesome video bro...great to know more detailed information from you than anyone🦋💖🤘🤘😎, keep it up bro💖🦋🔥

Author — Spartan Sanju


Excited for update....
Thanks for the info...
Keep it up 👍

Author — i_love_ phoebe!


It starts around the evening or the night👍😀
By the way thanks for the information

Author — Mr.Retro_809


Finally grinded to legendary in both mp and br

Author — Cashbag Gaming


The rank and battle pass will come out on March 31st (today) at 5:00 Pacific Standard time. It'll be on April 1st if you have the garena version. Also I have all the april fools skin. :)

Author — Nohilarity


I'm looking forward to the new AK117 in the credit shop.

Reset for the challenges is always 8AM here in the Philippines. I think it's the same with the season reset. Garena version

Author — YR21


I’m missing the XPR-50 - April Fools’ Day. Other than that I got all of the S1 April Fools’ Day skins lol so I’m definitely gonna cop that XPR if it’s available for purchase

Author — J3FF


I also think there will be good rewards for April Fools event

Author — Russel RulezYT


It is important to please be patient everyone. The update will begin depending on where you live because of the different time zones. Looking forward to it is half the fun. 😄

Author — LovelyLadyAnna💗


Imagine they prank us, it would be really funny to see thag😂 I would like that dlq skin though

Author — JHC_RoW21 Games


Your new intro looks cool! I saw a few days ago the Golden Tickets were going to expire by this pass Monday, so if a player has some then use it now. I had 17 tickets and received the epic XPR sniper, but I wanted the 117... 😤😢

Author — JustRicky


Hey Johnny loved the video always a like, I hope they offer the dlq I’m am definitely not a fan of that Bk skin

Author — AmembertacioN


Ah yes, the question that every cod mobile players that wanna know when the update is released today or tomorrow?
It todaorrow

Author — Slydralix


Johnie, I have the April Fools Type-25 and the XPR April Fools skin. I don’t use either one but I’m sure players that have it will start to use them. Great dude!!!

Author — stvnlee27