Helicopter crash witness: You could feel the building shake

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Helicopter crash witness: You could feel the building shake 4
A helicopter has crashed on top of a building in Manhattan, the New York City Fire Department tweeted. CNN's Brooke Baldwin has the latest, meanwhile Miguel Marquez spoke to Nathan Hutton, who was in the Manhattan building where a helicopter made a crash landing. #CNN #News

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I live in New York, Brooklyn and it rained heavily today and this happened while i was in school, condolences for his family and the freak accident. Cut the guy some slack, he saved other peoples lives from not landing in the streets.

Author — Jackeryz’s Son


Wow I heard it all on the radio the same broadcast in my moms car heading to dc I literally have condolences to the family of the pilot who died and to the family’s of the injured 😔

Author — Black cat Gaming and vlogs


"Bro I'm getting 9/11 flashbacks"

- clout chasing ppl who aren't even from NY

Author — B


Bad weather and helicopters, is a bad mix. The pilot probably realized the agony of collision and sacrificed himself for the safety of others.

Author — captbad


Love how this guy jumps in and takes over the conversation...

Author — US MC


flying things and nyc buildings dont mix well. youd think its been long enough but it seems morbidly fresh.
glad it wasnt a bigger thing.

Author — alextheromanian


If the helicopter didn’t crash land on the building it would have crashed into the street

Author — Ben Mangrum


*[a helicopter crashed on top a high rise building and caught on fire; the building was shaking and people are freaked out]*

Reporter: wHaT dId iT sMeLl lIkE?

Author — Azhar Bhatti


It must have given a lot of people a 9-1-1 flashback. Blessings to all.

Author — AzucaNegra16


The last thing I would do is stay in the building!!!! That was the advice that was given on 9/11, you'd be a fool to listen to it!!!
Unless you're suicidal!!!

Author — Donny Danger


I am so sorry and sad .I offer condolences for the died and the injures ' family God bless you and peace be upon you all



wonder what's laws is gonna be changed

Author — You Tube


How is there not a single video of this happening in the heart of NEW YORK CITY

Author — Kareem Ahmed.


So I’m in Key West and I went on Helicopter tour and as we are walking in to check in for the tour and the news is on and says “Helicopter crashes into building in New York” RIGHT BEFORE WE WERE GOING ON ONE it was soooo scary but we still had a good time . All prayers go to the pilot and his family RIP

Author — AJ Vlogs541


1:00 Mike Tyson gives a damn good interview! Weird no aerial view at all...also expect this building and 2 adjacent to collapse into their footprints in the next 2 hours!

Author — davids11131113


Brian Williams was in the building and claims to have seen several Russians in the area...

Author — John Allen Lauridsen Jr.


Everyone's has a plan until they get punch in the mouth. Mike Tyson!

Author — LOV TRUMP!


Not a single shot from a helicopter above of the wreckage. Why is that? Another psyop cia OP.

Author — Clorox Bleach


The pilot just risked his life, i mean WHERE IS THE MAYOR no one should ever ever ever have tovgo through this

Author — kbenkyane


I am surprised CNN IS not blaming TRUMP for this.

Author — MULEYZ