The Advanced Civilization That Existed Before Humans

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In this video, we’ll delve into: the true IQ of dinosaurs, the way mushrooms might survive a nuclear apocalypse, and most importantly, the possibility of another civilization flourishing on Earth millions of years before the rise of humanity. Let's dive in!

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Not only was the atmosphere different than today, but also the amount of land mass available to them. If another advanced civilization existed millions of years ago and they built their cities like we do, then much of their civilization was close to the coasts, like there are today. Once the Oceans had risen those cities are now under not only a lot of water, but also whatever material has been deposited on top of them! Just another reason we wouldn't see evidence of them today. Personally, I think the breakdown of all materials to their basic forms would be enough to make them appear to not leave recognizable evidence.

Author — Chefs Corner


This is a very intriguing video that explores the possibility of an ancient advanced civilization on Earth before humans. I enjoyed learning about the different ways that scientists could look for evidence of such a civilization, such as chemical relics, synthetic molecules, and radioactive fallout. I also liked how the video explained the challenges and limitations of finding such evidence, given the vastness of time and the geological processes that could erase or obscure it. I think this is a fascinating topic that raises many questions about our own origins and future. Thank you for sharing this video! 😊

Author — Galactic Nucleus


I firmly believe there is space for previous self conscious and possibly advanced civilizations before humans. The thing is the whole Earth has reset a couple times due to natural phenomena both originating on Earth and caused by Comets or other objects crashing on Earth. .

Author — Rafael Castro


Ive always thought that considering dinosaurs had an epoch of 65 million years, it is highly probable that highly intelligent species evolved.

Author — taleandclaw rock


I mean this theory of another civilization living on earth before us (or even a few civilizations) is possible since there seems to be a rather large gap between the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth and our species have existed. This could also possibly explain to her things like why we haven't found other life in the galaxy (as in, either other civilizations ignore us due to our "history" or were wiped out as a result a long long time ago).

Author — H R


Even if there were ancient civilizations of humans much older and advanced than the ones we already know, they probably destroyed themselves in warfare to the point where very little evidence of their existence has made it through the ages.

Author — Mike


This presentation is absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking. Thank you.

Author — Joseph Huth


The possibility of an advanced civilization, which existed millions of years before the rise of humanity, is fascinating. There is no concrete evidence to support this theory, but there are a number of tantalizing clues that have led some researchers to believe that it is possible. One of the most intriguing evidence is the discovery of ancient tools and structures that appear too advanced for their supposed age. For example, in 2016, archaeologists in Siberia discovered a 280 million-year-old stone tool made with precision that is not normally seen until much later in human history. Another piece of evidence that has been cited by proponents of the theory of an ancient advanced civilization is the presence of large, mysterious structures around the world. For example, in Peru, there is a complex of interconnected tunnels built by the Nazca people over 2, 000 years ago. The tunnels are so large and complex that they could not have been built without advanced engineering skills.

Author — Joe Maristela


I think the mistake with the previous civilization hypothesis is that it assumes advanced relatively high technological society. Even a Bronze Age species would leave geological evidence in the form of resource extraction such as mines. I would think it’s more likely that if a previous civilization existed it would be at the level of tribal groups with the first early stone based permanent cities being built here or there before being wiped out by a catastrophe. Though such a civilization would be extremely hard to detect especially if it was buried in the arctic, sunk into the sea, or swept away by tidal or glacial forces. Like the video said evidence for primitive early humanoids is difficult enough to find by a similar non human species that existed two million years earlier would be damn near impossible.

Author — Cottony Sensation


Makes me wander if aliens could be ancestors of a former intelligent species from earth that had to find another planet to live as earth transformed into the world we know how and maybe they visit to see the place their ancestors once had to flee from.

Author — ILL NOYZ


I imagine the earth as living organism. It experiences different conditions, and accordingly, manifests it's life differently on the surface.

Author — shadesofgray


Getting some excellent food for thought from this channel.
Only recently found the channel, but it has quickly found it's way into the regular rotation. Cheers.

Author — Duke 33


Just because they were in the past doesn't mean they were less smart than we are now.

Author — Nathan Hawee


If there were advanced civilizations in the past, they might not have invented plastics, electronics, powered flight and other technology. They could have advanced as much as the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans, Babylon, ancient China, etc., and those were really advanced civilizations.

Author — Spider Seven


In my travels and studies of Indian epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana I can say that ancient Indians were way more advanced with Gods and Goddesses in existence on land in that time with superb cities full of not just people but riches beyond your imagination. And then Kaliyuga started with the end of World War 1 or the War of Mahabharata. The Indus valley cities have radiation which means sometime in the past nuclear weapons were used. I am free to answer more to those who care for a fee. Currently studying Indian civilization at University of Pune

Author — Deji Kay


Comments on any issues must make author as well as reader to benefit for their efforts. This video is on how civization earlier to our present civilization might have been. One thing is sure that there were many civilization earlier to our present civilization. Mythology, archeological evidences, customs and traditions of different geographical areas present a clear picture of previous civilizations. How we understand them show our level in hearachy in understanding them. Thanks for the video.

Author — malakanna gowli


If global catastrophes had no trouble wiping out most evidence of our own species, then intuitively even less evidence of earlier events, processes such as vulcanism, related earthquakes and huge tsunamis

Author — 1snazzyg8r


What’s crazy is how little of our past we know about.

Author — Doug G


All of these remind me of Atlantis. Super advanced civilization, disappeared completely after a massive disaster without a trace. Maybe the story of Atlantis is based on such a super advanced prehistoric civilization, mixed with the eruption of the volcano on Thera.

Author — Δημήτρης Μπάρδας


It not hard to believe that dinosaurs had been around for millions of years to arise and fall countless times over

Author — Badgerlove