Italy reports deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic

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Italy reports deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic 4.5
Italy reported 627 coronavirus deaths in one day, making it not only the deadliest for the country, but the deadliest day worldwide since the pandemic began. In the United Kingdom, 65,000 retired nurses and doctors were asked to report for duty to help handle the oncoming wave of cases as the country’s famous pubs have all be ordered to close. Ian Lee speaks to Londoners to see how they are handling the change to everyday life.

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STOP RIGHT THERE. You dont want to read these comments. You'll loose brain cells.

Author — Austin C.


January: laugh at memes

April: viruses laugh in your body

Author — Diaz Kohen


"Italy reports deadliest day of coronavirus pandemic"
The deadliest day is yet to come.

Author — Moroni Stubbe


Well tomorrow will be deadlier. Exponential growth.

Author — ZombyMammoth


"surpassing China"
Man it's almost like those numbers coming out of China don't really add up or something...

Author — Zachary DeSpain


Rest in Peace to all that has passed away during this Pandemic. God bless everyone and stay safe.

Author — AJYouRockProductions


Coronavirus to headline must be like : "so you think this is the deadliest day? 🤨"

Author — laginw


28.3% of italian males over 15 smoke. this increases risk from coronavirus. Source: World Health Organization

Author — WakeUpWitnesses


Oh Dear God bless Italy 🙏 I can't wait till Jesus Christ comes back 🙏

Author — Maryann Tucci


I feel like every day is “the most deaths in a day for Italy” prayers go out to those impacted in Italy.

Author — Chad Harris


They’re calling in retired nurses and doctors who are right in the age range to suffer serious illness? Ok...

Author — kiru86


No civilian coverage at all that isn’t mainstream

Author — Brett Werner


it's so sad to see you 🇮🇹😭 losing your citizens like that, may Allah protect Italy and the whole world amen

Author — Muslim page


"The country has the second-oldest population on earth, and its young mingle more often with elderly loved" ones.

Author — Cesar Ospina


That guy talking about pubs, something makes me believe he's not going to adhere to social distancing.

Author — vol4cast


The guy in the interview doesn't even wear mask., come on! Set aside your pride.

Author — Carlo jbart


meanwhile theres zoomers in the beach celebrating because "we're all out man!"

Author — TryZoid


Literally everyday.. Italy has a new deadly recorded day..

Author — ItchyPilauBoto808


I hate the news
The way they deliver the news
The fear riddling

Turn off the news, don't even watch it
It's unhealthy

Author — Daniel Aaron


Funniest Comment of the Year-- so far:
"...if the pubs close, the world will go insane."

Author — Gerald Martin