Sir Nicholas Soames delivers emotional speech in parliament

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Sir Nicholas Soames delivers emotional speech in parliament 4.5

The veteran MP, one of 21 Tory rebels expelled by the party, delivered an emotional speech to parliament: ‘I’m truly very sad that it should end in this way and it is my most fervent hope that this house will rediscover the spirit of compromise, humility and understanding that will enable us finally to push ahead with the vital work in the interests of the whole country that has inevitably had to be so sadly neglected whilst we have devoted so much time to wrestling with Brexit’

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"My right honourable friend the Prime Minister, the leader of the House and other members of the cabinet whose serial disloyalty has been such an inspiration to so many of us..." Brilliant put down of Johnson and Rees-Mogg, absolutely hilarious!

Author — speleokeir


“Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues and silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power and will be lost in political squabbles. Sir Winston Churchill

Author — Vijay


"Who serial disloyalty has been such an inspiration to so many of us" ... Sir Nicholas Soames on the Conservative party members (who can guess which ones) .. LOL so funny.

Author — Sharon Suddaby


I think he should change his name by deed poll to: Winston Churchill's Grandson.

Author — scoppio07


37 years in parlament and the thing he is most known for is who his grandfather was
what a great man

Author — BuchBehandlung


Sounds just like his grandfather once did...eloquent, but also clear-sighted & he's also able to genuinely move an audience - not simply to pontificate and/or sermonize.

Author — Alex Alexiev


Im just gonna say it, as an American and a Texan, I like British accents.

Author — Chase Hedges67


Britain still has brave men! So different from this Brexit clique serving its American landlord... On the other hand, with Greenland not being for sale anymore, maybe Britain could be a nice option for Donnie Boy.

Author — Guy Werbrouck


I’m more sad for the people on the receiving end of his generally appalling voting record.

Author — Jonathan Cooper


What happened to the Tory party ? Same thing as has happened to the Republican party ? Corruption with russian money.

Author — JimJ


Famous for having a famous grandfather. As my mother would say "They neither work nor want."

Author — Thereal GodessIsis


So do we take it you think your investments are safe by your actions...

Author — Johnny Feve


Nick Soames never told a lie in his life gets the sack from Barmy Boris who has never told the truth in his life? ...and the rest of the rabble agree with Barmy Boris, who voted against his Prime minister trust a tory unless they are dead

Author — ben southwell


That the Tory Party should expel Nick Soames tells us everything. Great speech - dignity, intelligence and one-nation Toryism.

Author — Gar Sm


"Modest in its ambitions but powerful in its mandate" - He could have been speaking of his excellent and honourable career as much as speech.

Author — Peter Forbes


"Number One, make it so!"... walks into ready room "Earl grey, hot!"

Author — omnimacrox


Great stuff Sir Nicholas, all those yobs and oiks who voted for Brexit deserve to be put back in their place! You can feel proud of yourself.

Author — Adagietto


emotional speech or not - soames is a remainer at heart despite what he saids.

Author — Dean Kirby


A thoroughly decent Tory with years of service to his party deselected by a fly by night snake oil huckster of a PM. Sad days indeed...

Author — Andrew Cheatle


All political careers end in failure. (I can't remember who said that, first)

Author — K L