What Happened to FireWire? How FireWire lost the cable battle with USB

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 months ago

What Happened to FireWire? How FireWire lost the cable battle with USB. Is FireWire dead? Why did FireWire fail? FireWire vs USB? Is USB type-C the same as FireWire? Why did Apple stop using FireWire? Did Apple receive a royalty from FireWire? Is FireWire faster than USB 2.0? What is IEEE 1394?

We discuss the rise and fall of Steve Jobs' favourite data transfer table and how it went from appearing on every iPod and Mac computer to obsolete in the space of a decade. Here's How It Happened.

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Gotta say, this video is so underrated. I think it's a overall well narrated documentary and thx for it

Author — İlke Hür Eyiol


I still use FireWire all the time, both for external storage and for legacy audio devices, such as the Presonus Firepod and the ART Tubefire. With a Thunderbolt > FireWire adapter, these still work just as well as a connection to a native FW port. Sadly, rumor has it that MacOS Monterey will drop all support for FW devices.

Author — RT 96


Thanks for the video! Very informative! I was wondering what happened and why FireWire went away and why FireWire products now sell cheaply

Author — Yochanan Yisrael


Back in the day i had many Firewire devices, I had Firewire External HDD/DVD drives as well as using Firewire for PC to PC networking before Broadband or Routers became cheap and available. Even when USB 2.0 came onto the market, Firewire 400 was still superior to USB due to the fact that USB relied too heavy on CPU availability to process data, if you were playing a game or doing any sort of rendering work on the CPU and tried to copy data off a USB device, it would slow right down, where as Firewire was a hardware based solution

Author — Cameron Johnson


my canon mv630i uses firewire and i still have a card for that reason, its a good bit of tech and a reminder of the period it stood tall.
usb-c should remain the standard, if not for waste management but something actually beneficial for the consumer.

Author — cs512tr


Firewire to me was better than USB 2 or 3. It could backup alot of smaller files better without hanging or dropping transfer speed. Glad to see it lives on with C cable.

Author — J S


The answer was so much more nerd satisfying than I thought lmao

Author — Conversations


Firewire is the type of thing that sounds waaaay cooler than it is, Apple with their fancy names I guess! 😂

Author — GhastlyToast


I have been playing around with older Macs and PowerBooks. FireWire has been indispensable. I was even able to add a FireWire PCI card to my Motorola StarMax Macintosh Clone from 1996.

Author — ww21943


FireWire didn’t bog down the CPU like USB and Thunderbolt does. It was rock solid and reliable. I still miss it. I had a closet full of RAIDS and video data capture gear — all FW — and never had issues. Forced to switch to USB and TB—hoo boy that was awful. Lost so much time and money chasing problems and watching projects get corrupted by USB’s dog vomit controllers

Author — Ted Bragg


Hopefully iPhones switch to USB C one day 🙏

Author — Noah Parfitt


used to have several external adds daisy chained firewire, I miss it. thunderbolt 3 is better tho lol

Author — LanerJ


I think you should make a video about the headphone jack next. 🙂

Author — Franklin Salazar