Rage Against The Machine - Interview with Noam Chomsky (from The Battle Of Mexico City)

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Rage Against The Machine - Interview with Noam Chomsky (from The Battle Of Mexico City) 5

From The Battle of Mexico City - ”Interview with Noam Chomsky”

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Out of everyone running for president now, only Bernie was right about NAFTA.

Author — UseYourHead414


"I used to like Rage until they went all political!" LOLZ

Author — Christopher Lytle


Zach looks like a college student interviewing a Professor for his Essay Paper 😁

Author — yoga asix


This really opens your eyes to how messed up the United States is and how the government is just a corrupt enterprise to keep the rich rich and the poor poor....

Author — Great White Productions


Seeing all of these right wingers in here ignoring the "collective ownership of land" line and legitimately think Zach has the same ideas as them.

Author — RoxioGamingHD


Who’s watching killing in the name of and RATM more generally after the murder of George Floyd?

Author — YouTube Commenter


Here comes the truth of what capitalism produce : inhumanity.

Author — Gauthier Merlot


If ignorance is bliss, then knock the smile off my face.

Author — The Five Elements


Looks like we are all getting this recommended now. Time for a revolution?

Author — Claxiux


There is no Rage, without Zack de la Rocha. I miss Rage Against the Machine deeply.

Author — Rachelle Greene


The US experiment of Capitalism has exposed Humanity's gross relationship to the undeniable lust of greed.
Enough it seems is never enough.

Author — Old Skool


Then they cry when Trump gets rid of NAFTA lol.

Author — e13kid


...and now jeff bezos owns seattle, and there's lead in the water, and no one protests because they all work for amazon. welcome to 2020.

Author — Lars Amble


They are coming back! This is not a drill. They already announced their 2020 reunion.

Author — John Regie Solomon


The rich will never be poor because we subsidize them...

Author — rayminthecat


"Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses."

Author — Bradley Miller


The fact that the Corporatist Right (and their mindless bootlickers) hate Chomsky so much only bolsters the argument that he's onto something.

Author — Jeff Vanderwerf


Who's here to hear Zach, his energy needs to be the voice of 2020

Author — julian carr


You gotta love a young man of substance and true concern who bothers to be informed and that can move a stadium full of people with music.

Author — ajc bng


sad that this was 20 years ago, and everything is even more clear and more proven to be true. Vote in 2020 as if your life depends on it.

Author — J J