Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Before You Buy

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Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Before You Buy 5
Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4) is the expansion/continuation of Uncharted 4. Does this Nate-less adventure live up to the name? Let's talk.

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Uncharted theme is noticeably absent, otherwise I would've start the video off going "bum bum bummm bum bummm.." you're welcome.

Author — gameranx


Before you buy...

make sure you have a PS4.

Author — PeePee PooPoo


I would be totally cool if the next uncharted game focused on sully.

Author — Joshua Oswald


How on earth does someone get bored while playing uncharted 4????

Author — Shouryadripta Sircar


"Admit it... you're gonna miss this arse"

Author — Not Spider-Man


Sam and Sullivan story might be awesome. It definetly deserves a full game

Author — slowmodon


Uncharted 4 was too long for you ? Dude... I wish Uncharted 4 felt too long for ME :(

Author — Bilel Hidri


XBox: We have Tomb Raider exclusive.

Uncharted 4: Hold my Nathan

Author — Monte Wolf


I don't care if it's the worse uncharted game... it's more uncharted

Author — tylerg1020


I love this game I like the relationship between Nadine and Chloe. I like how. There's two female leads it was a fucking amazing game

Author — Elb4634


I said it before and Ill say it again


Author — Wharzone


Wanna hear a joke?

Xbox One

Author — Tvrtko Kotromanić


I want an uncharted with with drake's daughter as the main

Author — w3lwow


Just finished playing the game and I must say it's a very good/solid game. Yeah, it's shorter than previous Uncharted games, but it's still fun and the story is pretty solid even if it does have a generic villain. What I like about this game is that you do get to know Chloe and Nadine more as characters.

Author — Robby Bobby


I like the game alot even with out Nate. The characters are funny, -Cool- Bad ass, and the game is beautiful

Author — Hunter Katze


I don't know why but I keep imaging that the female character is Lara Croft.

Author — gaming4life


Oh yeah, that last scene was so goddamn good, I couldn't believe I was actually playing it! It combined my fav scene from uncharted 2 and my fav scene from 4. It's like your playing a damn action movie! The 40€ (in my currency) where totally worth it. I love naughty dog! 😁😀

Author — The_DIM _67


Damn I quite piss when I bought Uncharted 4 Deluxe Edition & just get multiplayer skin & some shit that I don't care, now I so glad I bought it because I got to download this masterpiece for free.

Author — Mike Echo


does it bug anyone else that there are two main characters and not a lick of offline/online co-op.

Author — HeyThatsNotMyName


but chloe has a nice and thick booty ...

Author — The BATCOON