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Uncharted: Lost Legacy - Before You Buy 5
Uncharted Lost Legacy (PS4) is the expansion/continuation of Uncharted 4. Does this Nate-less adventure live up to the name? Let's talk.

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Uncharted theme is noticeably absent, otherwise I would've start the video off going "bum bum bummm bum bummm.." you're welcome.

Author — gameranx


Before you buy...

make sure you have a PS4.

Author — Discover Earth


I would be totally cool if the next uncharted game focused on sully.

Author — Joshua Oswald


How on earth does someone get bored while playing uncharted 4????

Author — Shouryadripta Sircar


"Admit it... you're gonna miss this arse"

Author — Not Spider-Man


I don't care if it's the worse uncharted game... it's more uncharted

Author — tylerg1020


So an uncharted game without Drake and a badass female in the main role. Sounds like a better version of Tomb Raider

Author — Dutch Fighting-Game Federation


Wanna hear a joke?

Xbox One

Author — Haj kad si navalio


Sam and Sullivan story might be awesome. It definetly deserves a full game

Author — slowmodon


I want an uncharted with with drake's daughter as the main

Author — w3lwow


but chloe has a nice and thick booty ...

Author — The BATCOON


I said it before and Ill say it again


Author — Wharzone


Uncharted 4 was too long for you ? Dude... I wish Uncharted 4 felt too long for ME :(

Author — Bilel Hidri


Just finished playing the game and I must say it's a very good/solid game. Yeah, it's shorter than previous Uncharted games, but it's still fun and the story is pretty solid even if it does have a generic villain. What I like about this game is that you do get to know Chloe and Nadine more as characters.

Author — Robby Bobby


I got the Nathan Drake Collection and Unchrarted 4 for a combined $20. I'll probably end up paying more for Lost Legacy by default haha

Author — Pete Young


The reason the game was over so quickly for you is because you rushed to the end. Other people who have played it have gone up to 11 hours of gameplay. In that open area you probably ignored everything that didn't have to do with the main story which is probably the main reason why it was so short for you.

Author — Marcelo Guia


Got it for $9.99...& Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $9.99 cant wait to finish gaming schedule to start on them!

Author — benholmes320


does it bug anyone else that there are two main characters and not a lick of offline/online co-op.

Author — HeyThatsNotMyName


Man that end sequence was freaking rad! lol Wished that was in Uncharted 4.

Author — Joseph Su'a


I fucking love how it's not Nate it's Chloe and Nadine because chole was my favorite character in uncharted 2 and in the series and I loved Nadine in 4

Author — Mr Horn