New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015

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New UFO video released, shows incident from 2015 4.5
A research organization that released declassified Department of Defense footage in December of last year, posted a new video on March 9, which they said shows US Navy footage of an unidentified flying object off the east coast of the United States in 2015.

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Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

Автор — Harry Balzak


Anyone who thinks we aren't being visited by aliens since the start of our civilization is either narrow minded or incredibly naive.

Автор — Rob774


I'm surprised the system go a lock on it. It didn't look easy to keep it in frame with how fast it was moving.

Автор — john o


That’s enough!!! Time to ban all ar15s!

Автор — sickasso72


Was in the Indian Ocean on a U.S. Navy surface ship. Had a huge green “meteor” fall beside our ship. That’s what we were told it was anyway...

Автор — graycloud057


Target guided cruise missile. The pilot was happy to catch lock it.

Автор — sohaib agouba


What kind of navy Pilot would act like this when they get a lock on something.Sounds like some DUDES playing a

Автор — Jeff Callicutt


This video was uploaded to Vimeo 2 years ago and after the release of this from ttsa it got removed and re-uploaded to change the upload date . Something's not right about these videos 🤔

Автор — W⃣I⃣L⃣L⃣Z⃣E⃣


Tracking a surface to surface missile, aka cruise missile

Автор — Michael Soothing ASMR


I seen it back in about 2003. Mid afternoon, nice sunny day. Tic tac shape literally. Blunt, bulky, no wings. No windows. No engines. Hard to think how somthing so non aerodynamic could fly so fast. . If we made it then its designed for space as it had NO conventional aviation aspects at all.. fastest thing i have ever seen. 200-300ft east to west horizon a few seconds. If its not from earth were in trouble if this technology isn't friendly.

Автор — siXDaysONtheRuN PS3 RACING


yo, the UFOs monitor TX heavily. You'll see them far away moving around, then they dart straight down once spotted. I've never seen anything like it, I figured it was a drone but why? And how is it so fast and bright? It's unidentifiable. I don't doubt the existence of extraterrestrial life, and since moving here, I can honestly say that they hang around coastal states (not necessarily by bodies of water but more so states that border oceans). Anyone else had this kind of experience?

Автор — Cory Gardner


Very simple question, if this is a declassified video, where is the full length video?

Автор — Martin Petrik


I love this 2 f-18 fighter pilots acting like there playing a video game but they knew what the where tracking those things must've been going For more

Автор — anthony ciccone


Anyone here guestimate the possible speed and size of this object?

Автор — Camping and Gaming


It is just a sort of light reflection at the surface of the water. This was filmed during night time. Mystery solved.

Автор — Daniel JohnFord


Yeah, it's a ufo...that's why the 2 idiot fighter pilots sound like a couple of teenagers playing a video game in a Chucky Cheese...

Автор — Zeke Geronimo


It was just a piece of paper blowing in the wind. The paper had been soaked in acetate #207 making it lighter than normal and giving it lift and acceleration properties when pelted with the right amount of spectrating light from a recent sun flare. In fact, I have no idea what I am talking about and just made this up. Just made it up while typing. Personally, I think it's an alien technology, but then again, sometimes I go without wearing pants for days. I like caramel.

Автор — Dan Boon


Ufo's and aliens exist?!? really??? all who believe in such nonsense, are truly worshippers of their God, Lucifer, and he has them so blinded that they'll never be able to see it, and so ignorant, that they'll never understand how he's managed to manipulate their minds into believing all of his lies, and propagandas...Even Satan knows better. He knew during the beginning when our master placed all of the quad-zillion of planets, and stars that our master Yaweh placed out there in the vastness. He understood clearly, that earth was the only planet inwhich our master placed sustainable life. earth and earth alone! anyone who believes differently, calls Yaweh a liar to his face!

Автор — Bruce Dent


Rob774...a bold must know something or just guessing ....i would be interested to hear your theories or analysis if any..i do not doubt they exist..

Автор — alba corvus


Could be a real UFO, overdubbed with exciting chatter so the mood is a little lighter while you're digesting that the United States government is actually releasing UFO videos.

Tom DeLonge from To The Stars was on the Joe Rogan show showing off some UFO videos that looked like really bad CGI. I think they are trying to give us soft, light doses, but man anything that isn't REAL just comes off really weird.

Автор — qwikstix3