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The Story Of Energy With Professor Jim Al-Khalili | Order and Disorder | Spark 4.5

The great 19th-century Austrian physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann was one of the most important proponents of the idea that all matter is made of atoms.

Today no one doubts this is true but in Boltzmann's day it was a controversial idea and many of his contemporaries disagreed with him. But Boltzmann used brilliant mathematical arguments to show that many aspects of the world we observe, like the behaviour of heat, can be explained if one accepts that atoms are real.

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This professor makes great videos. He explains things clearly and is easy to follow without coming off as condescending.

Author — Dedrick Howell


A Thermometer is just a Speedometer for atoms

Author — Zeeshan Faraz


You know what the _last_ thing I want to see is when I'm getting sleepy... a frigging solid white screen! Jeez!! Love the content, but man!

Author — Josh Pike


I absolutely love Professor Jims videos, at 6o years old being able to watch and enjoy knowledge brought to one in lay mans terms not a period of attempting to memorise facts and figures, or to dive deeper into what really interests one almost makes me want to go back to school. Well done, bravo and thankyou.

Author — ed begg


why do i prefer watching this instead of Netflix

Author — Yacine Oudaoud


30:30 "unable to think clearly" indicates ME/CFS and brain fog

Author — Dominic Lee


They take their sewage seriously in London

Author — Alex Castro


One of the best speakers of the internet. Pity we have to suffer all those non-stop adds

Author — עציון בקר


Great video but for us hard of hearing the loud droning music makes some of the dialogue incomprehensible

Author — Scott McClure McClure


20:00 The question is, can we generate the energy necessary to lift a 12.5kg weight, one metre, by heating 30ml of water by one degree?

Author — happinesstan


Who is the film and production crew behind these documentaries? They’re really really good!

Author — Zoe S


An ad every six minutes is too frequent.

Author — HylanderSB


I watched Everything and Nothing, IMHO it's the perfect "sequel" to Carl Sagan's: "Cosmos". I really liked it and I think I AM going to love this one too.

Author — Rodney Wallace


My phone got quite warm watching this video. This has contributed to the ultimate heat death of the universe

Author — PassiveSmoking


Love your videos, just the right touch of nerdliness. However, the next scientific revolution has already begun, without a theory of everything. Relativity has turned out to incorporate the same mathematics as thermodynamics, while DARPA has patented the first room temperature superconductor and the US navy has patented a two meter fusion reactor capable of putting out up to a terawatt of power. They are finding so many new ways to more efficiently extract energy from our environment it boggles the imagination, with the US navy again having plans to put 40, 000 drones in the ocean that extract their power from the water like captain Nemo. The first self-propelled airplane with no moving parts was launched this year, and they are attempting to rewrite the laws of thermodynamics to express self-organizing systems logics. Technically, every thermodynamic system remains adiabatic and open ended, losing energy over time, but we can now manipulate time itself, with time crystals being merely one example, currently being studied around the globe.

The first autonomous Maxwell's Demon was invented by the Finnish, and sorts electrons according to their charges, without expending any energy in the process, while an Indian scientist just announced the first thermal diode, or Maxwell's Demon capable of moving heat from a cold source to a hot one, again, without expending any energy in the process. Theoretically, it should be possible to heat and cool your entire house or power an entire cruise ship for centuries to come, without requiring any fuel or maintenance.

Author — Wu Li


good work bro, keep up this amazing content for many years to come!

Author — Chad Stevens


This is a seriously great documentation...

Author — Ralph Zlabinger


and here i was thinking entropy was disorder to order seeing as how various concentrations of energy throughout a given area will disperse in to a smooth/even distribution of energy in that given area over time

Author — Perry Anderson


These videos are awesome! Keep them coming!

Author — NUKE


Thank you for an intriguing presentation of energy and it's fall to entropy. I wouldn't hold my breath for fusion power however. That golden ring has been hanging out there twenty years in the future for like forever. Well done.

Author — John F