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The Story Of Energy With Professor Jim Al-Khalili | Order and Disorder | Spark 4.5
The great 19th-century Austrian physicist, Ludwig Boltzmann was one of the most important proponents of the idea that all matter is made of atoms.

Today no one doubts this is true but in Boltzmann's day it was a controversial idea and many of his contemporaries disagreed with him. But Boltzmann used brilliant mathematical arguments to show that many aspects of the world we observe, like the behaviour of heat, can be explained if one accepts that atoms are real.

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This professor makes great videos. He explains things clearly and is easy to follow without coming off as condescending.

Author — Dedrick Howell


Unfortunately, there’s nothing magical about energy in its practical, everyday usage as we’re seeing with the effects on our planet’s climate from the intense use of fossil fuels that are required to produce it

Author — Frank Sears


There is no age for knowledge it can be gained anytime anywhere.

Author — sessi47freed


A Thermometer is just a Speedometer for atoms

Author — Zeeshan Faraz


why do i prefer watching this instead of Netflix

Author — Yacine Oudaoud


The living force : then * then : sleeping 8

Author — Andor Schobin


30:30 "unable to think clearly" indicates ME/CFS and brain fog

Author — Dominic Lee


I absolutely love Professor Jims videos, at 6o years old being able to watch and enjoy knowledge brought to one in lay mans terms not a period of attempting to memorise facts and figures, or to dive deeper into what really interests one almost makes me want to go back to school. Well done, bravo and thankyou.

Author — ed begg


Chaos vs order an ancient Egyptian belief that seems to have been proven (in-kind) by science. Then along came Christians and into the dark ages, we fell. I sometimes wonder how much further ahead we would be scientifically, technically, and socially had it not been for the Abrihamic religeons.

Author — Brandy Pollard


FINALLY! A clear and concise explanation of entropy! A concept I've been struggling to understand for quite some time. And it doesn't surprise me at all that the man who came up with the idea of entropy was suffering from severe depression. Actually, it explains exactly how he got to see it....

Author — HelenaVanCity


0:08 by torches made with sticks and coals

Author — ugryz


Jim Al-Khalili and these BBC documentaries are spot on. BOOM! science.

Author — keyserxx


Energy can be had for free or nearly so. Having a "professor" explaining anything is revealing once you check on the meaning of "profess." Exit at 1:01

Author — Mike Ivsin


I wonder how can i obtain and read the scientist's writings and researches

Author — salma sherif


yes i like jims videos he explains in an uncomplicated way which even i can understand well most of it

Author — Robin Dow


Thank you Jim for your sane and interesting talks. You are the only truly excellent commentator on science that I listen to.

Author — Philip Turner


He has not given a definition of Energy - he is prepared to talk about it without doing so - a cheap charlatan - unwatchable rag and bone man.

Author — Anthony Andrea


Piss-take amount of disruptive adverts :(

Author — Donny John


Just man kind rebuilding after the Reset

Author — Andy Gascon


Great video but for us hard of hearing the loud droning music makes some of the dialogue incomprehensible

Author — Scott McClure McClure