SYRIA Vlog 2019 - Damascus, Zabadani, Bloudan, Krak De Chevaliers رحلتي الى سوريا كأجنبي

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SYRIA Vlog 2019 - Damascus, Zabadani, Bloudan, Krak De Chevaliers رحلتي الى سوريا كأجنبي 5

Come to Syria with me in April 2020:

This video is NOT intended to be political, which should be evident by the content of it. Please try to keep the comment section civil.

In this vlog, I visit Damascus, Zabadani, Bloudan and the world-famous Krak De Chevaliers (قلعة الحصن).

Music Credits:
Salasel Dahab - أغنية شارة بداية مسلسل سلاسل ذهب

Iyad Rimawi - Haramlek

Lina Chemamian - Shaam

George Wassouf - Rouhi Ya Nesma

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Watch Part 2, where I travel to Latakia and Tartous provinces:

Come travel with me to Syria in January 2020:

Author — travelling the unknown.


Syria will rise again
Lots of love from Nepal❤❤

Author — Alisha Khadka


Damascus is the oldest City in the world 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾✋✌️ ✝️☪️

Author — زينة جو


This is the country which 80+ countries attacked it 😕😥😥😥

Author — Mahir Hussam


Syria 🇸🇾 will rise again love from India 🇮🇳

Author — Faisal Saif


I am British and ashamed of my country for its shameful part in the western attempts to Balkanise Syria to accommodate the Greater Israehell project, and other imperialist ambitions.

Author — John Spratt


انا من المغرب واحب سوريا تقافة حضارة ترات شكرا عل هذه الجولة

Author — Maroc فاطنة


لست عربي ولكني مسلم و نا ادرس اللغة العربية كل يوم... ربما انا سأزور هناك يوما ما إن شاء الله...

Author — days


I live in Damascus
I am ready to help any visitors come to see our lovely city

Author — Yami Kodaimi


Syria will rise again insha Allah greating from Somalia 🇸🇴💞

Author — muxiyo Garaniijo


I love seeing a diferent side of Syria my boyfriend's country he said we would go in the near future, much love to you guys from Mexico🙌

Author — Yunuen C


I am very blessed to have seen many parts of Syria having travelled there 5 times between 2009 early 2013. I really want to return some day. I actually think I will cry when I see Syria again remembering how Syria was before this beautiful country was torn apart. God bless the people I hold dear to my heart in Syria and all of Syria.

Author — Cathy Shaw


وين السوريين تعو شوفو الاجانب راحو ع سوريا ونحنا برا 😭🇸🇾

Author — غيوور


Shyria will rise again INSHALLAH 💓 ... Love from India 🇮🇳🇸🇾

Author — sanaullah alom


Syria rising from its knees, ready to build a bright future. Thank you for this amazing vlog.

Author — Determinate .Negation


Syria will rise! Long live Syria!
Form Vietnam!

Author — Withmefile3


Yet again another AMAZING video about Syria! I was super excited and clicked on the video immediately. Hopefully Syria will become strong again. Please also go to Aleppo! 🇸🇾🇸🇾

Author — M Shah


U know
U can destroy the buildings the infrastructures the ties between the people but u 'll never destroy the rich heritage of the region
And because of that heritage the region 'll rise up again
Never worry about someone that has a rich past and an origin
Because without a past u won t have a future

Author — al bardsahd


Now I understand why Syrians love their country it's so beautiful

Author — Hussein Haddad


Welcome home ! Cause Syria is the home of humanity and human ❤️💚💚🖤

Author — Scottish Man