How to Work from Home and not Get Insane?😵 | Tips for Working Remotely

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How to Work from Home and not Get Insane?😵 | Tips for Working Remotely 5

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Some of us can’t imagine their job without the office, but others are used to making money from home and doing online jobs. Due to the COVID-19 situation, many companies transfer their employees to work from home these days. The Movavi Vlog team - five of us in total - moved to a fully “remote working” mode a couple of weeks ago. During this time, we have had a few observations and recommendations that we would have given ourselves in the past - before switching to home office mode.

1:00 TIP #1
The first thing to consider while working at home is a comfortable workspace with a computer to handle the work tasks. If you use resource-investive professional programs, you need to make sure you have remote access to the computer in your office. But we’re mostly dealing with texts, tables, mail, task managers, messengers, browsers and Movavi programs - Movavi Video Editor, Movavi Screen Recorder, Converter and other, - that work well even on medium-powered laptops for remote work.

1:58 TIP #2
To make your work from home comfortable, you need a desk, a supportive chair, and good lighting. If you have two remote workers in the same apartment, you need to have a comfortable place for each of you.

2:54 TIP #3
If you need to share documents at work, Google Docs, Google Sheets and other Google tools will come in handy. You can use messengers to send colleagues screen recordings and screenshots. Movavi Screen Recorder is the perfect tool for this.

4:44 TIP #4
We have group calls at least three times a week. The experience of doing conference calls on a regular basis has taught us a few simple rules: check your headset before call, and use webcams during teleconferences if possible ‘cuz it helps remote employees continue to feel part of the team, not just a faceless voice on the other side of the monitor. This will help each team member go through the self-isolation and COVID-19 quarantine.

6:30 TIP #5
Take breaks. It's easy to forget these things when you’re working at home, but it's important for your productivity and your health. Doing your online job from home, give yourself a rest every couple of hours for at least 10 minutes, but don’t overdo it!

7:38 TIP #6
It's harder to tune in to work at home, so get yourself a set of "work" clothes. They can be comfortable clothes, suitable for video calls. This way, you separate remote working time from personal time.

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