#ThankYouYuvraj : Yuvraj की कहानी Vikrant Gupta की जुबानी | Sports Tak

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#ThankYouYuvraj : Yuvraj की कहानी Vikrant Gupta की जुबानी | Sports Tak 5
Yuvraj Singh will forever remain an enigma in Indian cricket -- one of the country's greatest white ball players who could never really crack the Test code.

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एक पूरे युग का अंत हो गया आज,
हमारे बचपन के क्रिकेट का अंत हो गया।,

सचिन, सहवाग, गंभीर, लक्ष्मण, और अब युवराज सिंह,


Author — Amar singh


Yuvraz singh
Gautam gambhir
Virendra sehwag
*2007 & 2011 wc hero's*

Author — Saurabh Sahu


If yuvraj singh is your favorite player then

Author — Indian reaction Oye Vicky


Junior World Cup winner, also won man of series.
T20 World Cup winner, also won man of series.
ODI World Cup winner, also won man of series.
That’s the kind of player Yuvraj was or still is🙏🏼

Author — Real Fighter


Ideal for all 90s kids.... My all time favorite.
Who else is here 90s kid... 😒😎

Author — Sachin Creation


Yuvraj ke retirement se BADAL bhi rone laga england me bhi baarish or bharat me bhi barrish love you yuvi paaji like yuvraj ( legend )singh 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

Author — Ashish Mishra


The best in the world player yuvraj Singh
I am big fan

Author — Alamgeer Lucknowi


Jo world cup winning team k players ho unko farewell match milna chahiye

Author — Mohd Khalid


Respect From Bangladesh great Player yuvi paji✌✌
Love u yuvi😍

Author — Topu Halder Topu


miss u yuvi paaji.great love and respect from pakistan

Author — Daood Abbas


Ek single bhi itna stylish lgta tha yuvi ka...ki aaj kal ki boundaries bhi fail h..miss u yuvi paazi..true legend..a fighter

Author — S K


Great Youraj ..He was one of the best player in the whole world .lots of love from Pakistan

Author — Ali Rahman


There is no doubt Yuvraj Singh is grt player

Author — raju chowdhury


Yuvi is the Greatest Fighter Cricketer world has ever witnessed. He is definitely better than several players of the current WC team. When we deny opportunity to a real deserving talent, we deny ourselves a WIN.

Author — DeepS


He is lion of indian cricket team

My favourite innings is 150 against England

Author — Kumar Raj


He was the best cricketer after he out from the team I didn't see a single match.
After saurav ganguly and Sachin only one legend that i know is YOUVRAJ SINGH

Author — rishi pachouri


love u paji....😗 we will miss u in cricket ground...u r my all time favorite player....🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — j m


If we've two World Cup after 2007 it's all Because of Yuvraj Singh...
We Will be Miss You Paji..
You truly deserve for Love & Respect...

Author — SaNdip Kajikar


jb 20 20 matches start bhi nhi hue the yuvraj tb bhi one day mai 20 20 ki tra game khelta tha....miss u yuvraj singh

Author — Gagan Ablowal


Yuvraj is great player great man Allah bless him 🌹🌹✌✌
Love from pakistan ♥️♥️

Author — Naeem Baloch