Da li je šlem neprobojan? (eng subs)

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Da li je šlem neprobojan? (eng subs) 4.5
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U ovoj epizodi probamo koliko je izdrzvljiv šlem, odnosno testiramo neprobojnost vojnog slema. Da li će neki od pištoljskih, revolverskih ili puščanih kalibara uspeti da probije?

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penetrated or not, i’ll take that helmet anytime.

Author — augustusmd


Good demostration! But the first problem, if the helmet is strike, is the bullet's energy, which break the hyoid bone, also if the bullet hit in the low parts of the helmet, most probabily penetrate, associated with the energy kill the soldier, if hit in the high parts, most probabily the bullet deviate Its trajectory. For these reasons It is commonly suggested to do not fasten the helmet, so if It is hit, the helmet can be fly away by the head, and do not break hyoid bone if there is not a penetration bullet...
Greetings from Italy

Author — Gian Fiat


Thanks for the english subtitles! Subbed. With that helmet on my head even with penetration no damage would have been done. Nothing to damage in my head to begin with.

Author — Nathan Arroyo


Чувак, я не серб но мне почти все понятно.

Author — ChikerFokaTV


Keep wearing the helmet and do the tests.

Author — keegan773


si y porque no amigo, te entendí perfectamente :v

Author — SaSeYeS


Я хоть и русский, но этот язык очень легко понимаю :)

Author — Алёша Сынок


a serbian who do gun video ? I subscribe directly from france 🇫🇷

Author — L’Affreux


Thakns for posting.
You are a good youtuber but I can´t say the same about shooting. ;^)
Regards from Brazil.

Author — Ettore Di Blasio


3:57 (On english subtitles) that's what she said.

Author — Simply Parkour


DumDum u deserve more subs cause uv got a great YouTube channl.

Author — House of Horrors.


So much for helmets in the World Wars, guessing that most people used Rifles

Author — ThrustFrom Behind


Ugao gde udari metak ima veliku ulogu, zato nije probio metak is revolvera.

Author — Mališa Jevremović


9mm will give enough concussion to be dead or paralyzed or unconscious

Author — shahzaib iqbal


6:18 optically ill, you look at 6:18 under the helmet: o)

Author — Mr. Hofmann


Nedao bog da je necija glava ispod onog šlema bila

Author — David Milivojevic


6:02 When Wearing a level 1 helmet in pubg snd and u get headshoted by a KAR 98

Author — Mr Troll


🇩🇪 Sehr interessant und aufschlussreich. Gutes Video,

Author — Bozena Bohn


Apik iki bos sangar sangar, wong indonesia like en sttsku yo😁

Author — Ahmad Rizal


Magyarországi golyó is van... Like ha Magyar vagy

Author — It's me boiii