The 2021 Toyota Sienna Is A Hybrid AWD Van With A Freezer and a Vacuum!

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The 2021 Toyota Sienna Is A Hybrid AWD Van With A Freezer and a Vacuum! 4.5

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Minivans get a lot of crap but they're generally pretty damn useful vehicles.

Author — Ryan Martinage


Andre, A 10 mpg bump in fuel efficiency and a retained tow rating of 3, 500 is impressive. #Nurburgring lap times may suffer a little compared to the old V6 but you can't have everything ;)

Author — Right Lane Hog


They should have kept the V6 as an option.

Author — Mike Johnson


It's a shame mini-vans get such a bad reputation. It's not the 'cool' thing to purchase. From a practicality perspective, they are incredible. I used to work for Toyota and I heard "I wouldn't consider the Sienna, I'm only interested in the Highlander." so many times, but 90% of the time I convinced the customer to look at the Sienna too... they ended up purchasing it. I own a Tacoma and I no longer work for Toyota, but the Sienna still remains my favorite vehicle in Toyota's lineup due to it's comfort and practicality, regardless of the mini-van reputation. This new Sienna looks awesome, minus the second row seats not being removable... that's kind of a bummer.

Author — Post2Post Productions


I'm glad to see that in both the Sienna and Venza, Toyota appears to be keeping the center console shifter as opposed to going to buttons or a knob. Gives me hope that the Tundra will keep the console lever as well. Still impatiently waiting for more Tundra news.

Author — CaribMed


the line between minivan and crossover has been blurred.

Author — Jason Tate


Should have never gotten rid or the V6. l see a very underpowered van when loaded with the family try to maintain 70 mph down the interstate

Author — brent moller


I’m not married nor have a family. I don’t know why I just watched this review.

Author — John Chen


It finally lives up to its name...the Swagger Wagon

Author — Kamal Porter


Toyota did a great job, especially on the interior.

Author — Andrew M


Toyota should bring back the V6 for the 4th Gen. Our sienna v6 is pretty good and I feel like the engine in the 2020 model would suit the 4th gen well.

Author — meanone111


alright, i do not mind to drive a mini van now.

Author — TonyT


Toyota: We got 243 combined horse power
Potential buyer: what about torque figures?
Toyota: yes

Author — ealiev60


Great video! I think you guys should consider this for your next long term tester! Really loving the AWD and built in vaccum! The fridge/Freezer really is the cherry on top!

Author — Jon B


Looks good, glad to see more non-truck content :)

Author — Maciej Zarzycki


I don’t want fuel economy, I want it to run forever. Give me back my 3.5 V6

Author — potatopenguin78


NEED MORE HP, NOT LESS!! I have the 2012 model, and it really drags even with a v6.

Author — L P


Not sure if ill like the use of electric motor for awd. I wonder if you take it through some deeper puddles if it could be a liability.

Author — Fedora the explora


Love it am gonna get this ..has the Highlander exterior look

Author — micky cadillac


Thanks Andre for introducing this vehicle. You had my interest with the tag line. lol. It will be cool when TFL can do a proper hands on review with it.

Author — W W