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Newfoundland Trip 5

Solo motorcycle camping trip to Newfoundland & Labrador
August 2015
2003 Kawasaki Concours

Detailed trip blog is at:

SPOT Track map of the entire trip is at:

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Absolutely awesome video. I love your integration of music. I quite literally laughed out loud at the, “On the road again, Knock it off Willie!” part.

Author — Sierra Foxtrot Golf


Great stuff, thx for sharing. I’m planning a month on the Rock 2021, complete the entire perimeter roads and do mostly (B&Bs) with light camping. Thx for reminding me to wear a full

Author — Pierre Martin


Really nice video thanks. Looks like a great trip. I gave serious thought to ride out there myself this year, however, king corona got in the way. I was told that we couldn't travel between provinces. Been west a few times but i've never been east, would like to do it once before my riding days come to an end. It looks like you had some real challenges there with those dampish roads & the scotch mist you encountered. Well, thanks again for sharing your tour. ric.

Author — Ric Barnes


it looks like dirt roads from red bay to port hope simpson? around 85 miles?

Author — Let's Ride!!!


I did 389 through Quebec a few years ago... keep expecting a Weather Channel "time filler" series, "Quebec 389 Truckers" any day now...Awful road that Rick's video doesn't fully convey.. pot holes and slime, slime and pot holes.. Oh well, I wanted a riding adventure and got one. Been a Super Tenere fan ever since.

Author — Richard Mourdock


in the end, what is indicated in the small flags at the map?

Author — Vidar Garmannslund