Aung San Suu Kyi defends Myanmar against Rohingya genocide accusations

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Aung San Suu Kyi defends Myanmar against Rohingya genocide accusations 4.5

Aung San Suu Kyi has launched Myanmar's defence at the International Court of Justice, where the country has been accused of committing genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority. Ms Suu Kyi told the court that the army may have used "disproportionate force" as it responded to an attack by Rohingya militants in 2017. However, she argued there is no proof the army was trying to wipe out the community. UN investigators had previously concluded that Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya amounted to genocide.

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I just really want to know. What happen next or the future action if the ICJ decide that Myanmar committed a genocide?

Author — Ahmad Sambodo


it‘s about the land, water and scare resourses for make a living. the conflicts are inevitable. the only way is to relocate these people to Canada, US, Europe, Australia etc, where the land for living is in abundance.

Author — Hailun Yang


Be careful to OIC funded Bengalis (a)Khaw Taws at ICJ today

Author — Tha Yin Oo


This wasn’t Aung san su kyi’s fault, all of this were done by burma’s military and she didn’t involved in this genocide case. The Burmese’s military is under other leader who took over burma in past decades and now Aung san su kyi have to take all the blame from people who don’t understand.

Author — SOME BODY


Gambia raised the case independently? highly unlikely. if Myanmar and Aung San bow to the u s, then there wouldn’t even be a single report in the western news.

Author — thndrngest


A group of Rohingya gang raped and slaughtered a Rakhine female, and several rebel groups attacked Myanmar police stations. Do some research on what started all this mess. Myanmar doesn't recognize Rohingya as citizens and they are much like illegal immigrants in the US. The way Myanmar military handled was definitely wrong, but calling it ethnic cleansing or genocide is extreme. She is a State Counselor and half of Myanmar Parliament is from military who often opposes her and do whatever they want. Calling all kinds of names on her when it was mostly military's doing is senseless.

Author — h2naing09


i would hate to listen the clearance from such

Author — doctor atif


world was witness the genocide was what hearing know

Author — lam Somali love Turkey


She sold out for Chinese money the belt road goes through this country. So the monks and the Burmese army ethnic cleansed the Rohingya people. From their homes.

Author — anti pop


Ye chinal ko Allah Ke taraf se azab nazil ho ameen

Author — Riyaz Basha


Oil pipeline from Bay of Bengal to China passes through Rakhine State . China wants security for that and a naval base on the coast. Doesn’t want terrorists next to the pipe.

Author — Stuart Hastie


I just wonder how a person like Suu Kyui a noble prize winner and who had suffered persecution of Myanmar military for decades can become a perpetrator herself!!! She might be under pressure of Myanmar military. Otherwise there's no way she would defend those perpetrators who killed her family and put her in jail for decades.

Author — Kaiser


The symbol of peace is not the symbol of evil

Author — Red Butterfly


It's not Daw Aung sann suu kyi's fault

Author — Hike


It is not unusual for a freedom fighter to turn in to a dictator. The problem is we always forget this truth ...

Author — gembeification


Why does no one respect to use the name Bangali instead?
That ignorant cannot be overlooked.

Author — Blair Blair


The military regime is controling her with the help of China

Author — Naz Mor


Not only the Gambian government, most of the west nations have been fueled with incomplete and misleading facts to judge what is happening there. Glad to hear the case was dropped since the facts presented by plaintiff were not sufficient and thoroughly investigated to the victims of both sides. In fact, those in camp were never a naturalized as Burmese citizen, but Burmese been allowing them to settle for decade. Still, they cannot blend into Burmese system n culture. They demand for citizenship so they can own land. This is not even possible for 2nd generation of other minorities in Burma like me. Yes, Burmese military were brutal in an counterstrike to the initial attack, carried out by their tribeal group. <thoughts> Burmese military fight against many Minority groups, but how come the media often brought up minority involved "Muslims." Where are these muslims brotherhood when Burmese and other minorities, including Burmese muslims, were engaging fight against half a century long dictatorship ruling in Burma? After burmese public won back the Gov, it would just unfair for those illegal Bengalis <Rohingyas> show up on the table with unrealistic demand for citizenship and land. The violent conflict erupted from there in 2017.

Author — NkoLyn


we are paople in this world are the real looser.we all fail to protect minority rohinga people.

Author — abubakar hanif


Burma and burman supporter, will be the next reasons, for creating a terrorism, r u reading this comment UN.

Author — Msa