Steven Universe The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN! New Gems, Homeworld Era 3 & Details You May Have Missed

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Steven Universe The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN! New Gems, Homeworld Era 3 & Details You May Have Missed 5

Steven Universe: The Movie Trailer BREAKDOWN!

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Steven Universe: The Movie finally dropped its first trailer and blew our minds with a look at the world after the timeskip! How much has Homeworld changed since the start of Era 3? What exactly is this new Gem Town the uncorrupted Crystal Gems are residing in after the events of Change Your Mind? Why does Bismuth have a brand new reformation? What's new about Alexandrite?! AND JUST WHO THE HECK IS THIS BRAND NEW VILLAIN?! Are Steven and Connie dating?! Join us to break it all down and give you the rundown on everything in the trailer you may have missed!


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Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams

Graphics by CabooseJr

Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!

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The time for hype is NOW!

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Author — The Roundtable


Steven: I hope everything stays the same.
Spinel: *hippity hoppity this is now my property*

Author — doge


Cartoon Network: **Decides not to include the villains name in the trailer**
The Fanbase: *Hmm random pink thing*

Author — Fantiscious


Greg: her gem is a heart!?

ALSO GREG: let me drive my van into your heart...


Author — This Is Fritz


That pink girl looks like mr mime and you can’t change my mind

Author — Lindyloo


I have a theory. The antagonist gem might be a Taaffeite (which can be cut into heart shapes in real life). I think her nickname is going to be Laffy Taffy based on how often she laughs in the trailer, and the stretchy candy pun. I think she is going to be a 'Snerson' considering the stretching appendages that she possesses.

Author — Kazutoification


Did you notice that the yellow and blue diamond ships are now open hands rather than closed fists, maybe signifying the new friendlier era?

Author — CyanCyborg


Steven: I want everything to stay the same and never change.
Pearl: Agreed.
New Villain: *Hold my injector...*

Author — he’s at the store


New fusion predictions:
Amethyst + bismuth
Lapis + Peridot

Author — bella the fox UWU


Steven: I want everything to stay the same and never change!

New Laughing gem: *Cocks shotgun on top of ship thing* Are you sure about that?

Edit: gasp people think I’m funny?

Author — Mk


Steven Universe The Movie trailer: 1:51 mins
The Roundtable breakdown video: 26:06 mins
*It's like an essay based on one sentence.*

Author — Silent Observer


Inspiration from One Piece huh...

Over 800 episodes :))

Author — CowCow


alternate title for this video: AwestruckVox really pushes the second pink diamond theory for 26 minutes

Author — Emma Eickholt


Steven meets gem: I want to resolve this with some good old conversation

Gem: nope (yeets him out of sky)

Author — Rad Gamer14


Steven: I want my happily ever after back...

*A Few Moments Later*
Villain: *Evil chuckles*

Author — j Arca


Steven saying "thats enough" and whipping out his shield is big diamond energy, every other diamond has said it, its his turn :)

Author — Static Fries


Steven:I want everything to stay exactly the same and never change.

Pink gen:I'm about to ruin this man's entire career

Author — ful house4


Steven(i went things to stay exactly like this and never change
*Danger has joined the chat*

Author — Octotera octo


The new villan's gem, kinda looks like a warped and distorted version of pink/white dimond's gems

Author — Devon Holland


Steven: ok nothing will ever happen since we have won.
Pink slinky Dee Dee: ima mess this man's whole career

Author — delicious biscuit