Northlane - Citizen [Official Music Video]

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Director - Jason Eshraghian

Producer - Elder
Camera - Ed Reiss
Lighting - Joe Ritson / Elder
Editor / VFX / Colourist - Jason Eshraghian
Camera Assist - Joe Ritson, Chris Green, Ben Kalgovas, Declan Blackall


Save us

If you thought You knew it all • Don’t shift your view,
You might slip and fall • A long way down and down this
rabbit hole • If the tunnel runs any deeper • You might come
out the other side of the world • Maybe upside down you’ll be
able see This isn’t what it seems • We are far from free

We’re caught in the undertow • Deeper and deeper Into the
unknown • We’re caught in the undertow • Follow the leader
Down with the undertow

Action floats in limbo Like driftwood in the sea • Under CCTV, so dig
down deep • The more you uncover, The more you disbelieve • The more
you will discover • We are far from free

Heroes exposing • Corruption in who we obey
Blow the whistle from a burning stake

The whistle blows from a burning stake
Corruption won’t keep revolution at bay

We’re caught in the undertow • Deeper and deeper Into the
unknown • We’re caught in the undertow • Follow the leader
Down with the undertow

Spied on, Lifelong, Collection 24/7 • Archives of all we’ve done
Satellites track our lives beyond the skies • Not even your mind
can hide From big brother’s eyes

It’s time to take back our home • Thank you Mr. Snow

#Northlane #UNFD

💬 Comments

Steady grooves. I dig! :) Can't wait to see them play this live!

Author — Lauren Babic


Marcus killed it on alien. He one of the best vocalists making music i dont see the haters.

Author — Christopher Flores


Dudes, let's be honest here . . . Marcus sings (quite a a bit) better than Adrian. I kinda fucking love it. No disrespect to Adrain, but common, man. . . Just admit it.

Author — Jonathan Malpica


You can really tell that they're metalcore. They mentioned the undertow.

Author — Doohan Murphy


This is so UNIQUE. Marcus improved SO much; the songwriting is on the highest level. All this hate here makes me sick... grow up or leave.
This track blew me away.

Author — David Rom Music


Northlane didn't die with Adrian. That style did. This direction for the band for me is more of a return to roots than node was and I'm keen for it. This song has me foaming at the mouth.

Author — Tamz Boi


This band is perfect!! I’ve been searching far and wide for a band with really deep bass, crazy drums, EDM, fairly clean lyrics, melodic singing, and screaming! Exactly what I wanted!

Author — Burnt Chicken Nugget


Man every damn northlane comment section is about Adrian, yeah he was great did some killer songs, legendary songs actually. But Marcus is the frontman now it's been like 3 years guys, can we talk about something else.

Author — Zeke


The guitarrist was always prepared for Covid19

Author — André Paggi


Loving the new sound, loving what they are trying to do, loving the balance between the cleans and screams. This is great, This is great.

Author — Wessteyrn


The first 2 Northlane albums aren't going anywhere. If you really hate the new stuff that much, than just listen to that.

I personally love Marcus and think he's the best thing to happen to this band.
I truly feel like they wouldn't have progressed this well if they kept doing what they were doing on the first 2 albums. Those albums are fucking amazing, don't get me wrong,
but yeah...
I just think Northlane really stepped it up when Marcus joined.

Author — Gnwerly44


imagine the band Citizen writing a song called Northlane?🤔

Author — Athos Oliver


Beautiful tribute to Edward Snowden. Well done boys. I got chills.

Author — xJust2Deadly


Crazy how this band went from almost no cleans to post-hardcore, but I'll always throw down to Northlane, always (:

Author — Metaphysics


Best band in this world with Architects. I'm a big fan of Adrian and Marcus work in Northlane and I'm always impressed by their evolution !

Author — Adrien Gonzales


This is so great, northlane is growing stronger with every new track!

Author — Robson Gabriel


Don’t get me wrong I like Alien, it’s definitely something else. I also like the other older albums. But this is still my number one Northlane song and Mesmer is still my favorite album by them. I don’t get all the hate it gets, but oh well at least I love it. Have a great day my fellow Northlane fans :)

Author — Karsten Binkley


these comments are literally ridiculous, stop mourning over Adrian and appreciate Marcus because he is genuinely decent lmao

Author — Grace Murphy


i'm loving how audible the bass is. 10/10

Author — skatesex2


The Northlane experience is so unique and amazing thank you for being an incredible band

Author — Eprevailed