Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban 5

Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.

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who is procrastinating by watching this video rn?...

Author — Noah Bernstein


When procrastinators are in panic mode, they have unparrelled energy and temporarily the most productive person in the world.

Author — TX Gaming


Who has deadline but still watch this video anyways ?

Author — HelloItsVG


End of the video.. the monkey says: "Oh, let's go a little bit in the comments!" - and the monster is absolutely asleep.

Author — Cezar Prado


The worst feeling is being in the dark playground and something makes you think of the stuff you have to do. You just get that quick hit of anxiety.

Author — Jack


nothing in the fridge, guess i gotta clean my whole house now

Author — Daidus


Panic Monster was drawn 2 minutes before he took the stage.

Author — Fuchamo Ezung


...and we casually get productive at 3AM

Author — Sofía Abad Solís


My monkey has built up a tolerance to the panic monster. My monkey doesn't fear deadlines anymore and now I am scared for my future

Author — Spam


my suicidal homie told me "I'm suicidal but also a procrastinator so it work's out"

Author — DangerWolf


“Inside the mind of master procrastinator”

Me: adds to “watch later”

Author — C B


So, literally:
Rational brain: We need to start his assignment now so we could get it done by next week
Monkey brain: nO

Author — Rose Kat


I play a little mind game that I learned from “Your Success Method by Michael Kennedy” …so whenever I feel that I’m gonna procrastinate on a task I start playing this “game” in my mind that reframes the whole task and makes it a whole lot easier for me to work on the task instead of letting my mind say “I’ll do it later”, its not the same as visualisations which is less powerful IMO

Author — Kaitlin Cullis


This guy is hilarious, and you can’t even deny that he’s spitting FACTS

Author — Jaden Bowers


Who got this in recommended in 2020 and are procrastinating online classes.

Author — Bam bam Splinters


Plot twist: the reason the drawings look so bad is that he was making this ted talk right before he was on stage.

Author — NinjaBot XL


All the dislikes are due to the people who feel called out by this video.

Author — Sierra Eumurian


When you're a procrastinator you still know that there needs to be stuff done but you're just like "well, it's not like it's the deadline or anything" but at the same time you're like "but still, shouldn't I just be getting it done and over with?" and you still don't end up doing it.

Author — Harry Boberson


I'm a big procrastinator, but recently I've started to stop. It's not easy at all, but with enough work and dedication, anybody can stop.

Author — CrispyCerealKiller


When he showed the boxes of a 90 year life I almost cried. Because he's giving us a deadline to 'release the panic monster' to start working toward your dreams. And I was thankful. Because truly, that's not that many boxes.

Author — M J