Substance Designer 2017.2: Using the Flood Fill Nodes

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 лет ago

Substance Designer 2017.2 Release:

In this video we look at the new Flood Fill nodes to create rock patterns and shapes.

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This is so awesome! I've been using something similar that someone else made they called a "pixel processor" but I couldn't make it on my own from scratch if I tried. This is easy to make and has even more flexibility! Great for bricks, stone, tiles, hardwood, all kinds of textures. Thanks! Glad I updated!

Author — Dan Absalonson


I spent almost a two weeks trying to do something like this on my own to get a better rock shapes and now you added this, just like that! ;) och well, love that feature and all the rest from 2017.2, fantastic update, thanks :)

Author — Peter Kolus


The timing of this couldn't have been better. I was just trying to work out how to do this a few days ago and had all but given up! A quick 30 second test and it works perfect!

Author — Ross McCafferty


Omg this is one of the most important node you ever made i guess. No more fiddeling around for binary shapes to get randomised! Awesome!

Author — TOPP3R1993


Allegorithmic's Designer and Painter gets even better and better every update.

Author — Rogelio Jr. Patungan


Another great update from Allegorithmic. I'm sure this addition will prove invaluable and save a lot of time (money)

Author — Alec Chalmers


Hi. Nice video about Flood fill nodes. Is it possible to download somewhere this . I recreated this large rock surface but it's interesting how you created and placed small rocks in the gaps between large rocks. Thanks.

Author — Max Nadolny


Very, very, very cool. I'm going to use this a lot.

Author — Allen Lee


Nice operator..
I was wondering why designer didn't have an "instancing" system... being procedural and all... this node brings it a bit closer.
Instancing workflows can be very efficient... create one object/shape & multi-copy it on a secondary support object while adding some variation to each copy... similar to Houdini's system

Author — Advection


This one is just fantastic! Exactly that I was looking for.

John K

Author — Mr Happy


Hi, you mentioned in this video that flood fill can only be used with engines that use GPU. Is this the case for offline renderers such as corona? As it's cpu based only. I'm just wondering as i've used this flood fill node for the first time on a brick to give colour variation, but in c4d using corona it comes out a lighter shade, just wondering if this is to do with it being a cpu renderer?

Author — Chris Myatt


I'm going to feel like I'm cheating when I use this, but I love it anyway!

Author — Unreality3D


Very cool! But I don't like the decision to make it only run on GPU engine. The power of Substance Designer was that you create it and use it everythere. No it might not only split the user base, it also makes probably the best new substances unusable for some programs like Unity. I know it would perform quite bad on CPU and that there is probably some limitation in Unity that makes Substance run on CPU. But I still think that this decision was a bad one, because you need to take care now that your Substances run on CPU, if you want to possibly use them everythere.

Author — DoomTobi


I'm trying to get a look similar to where you started with your mask. Would you be able to share how you made that? As usual I can't really make out the node names in the video.

Author — John Vanderbeck


I am assuming flood fill is new since I am unable to find it in my substance designer 5.6.2

If so, will there ever be some way to upgrade without buying an entirely separate and new program? I bought substance around 2/3 years ago when I thought I was going to need it for school, turned out I really didn't. I didn't use it for a year, and then I did need it, saw there was a new version. Assumed there would be some way for previous buyers to upgrade at a reduced price, and found out there was an action like that for about a week.

I applaud Allegorithmic for allowing you to upgrade more cheaply, but this time restraint turns a reward for returning customers into a penalty for people who happened to not be paying attention that month.

Author — DutchDread


I'd love a Multi-Blend node where you just plug in multiple inputs and set a blend mode to combine all of them, instead of doing this step by step by step process.

Author — Moctop


I'm just curious, what is the mysterious data contained in flood fill that may be used for so many different things? What does RGB stand for in flood fill itself?

Author — Tompio


*gasps indefinitely*
Not even 30 seconds in and I immediately want to use it. This is the best thing.

Author — Dessert Monkey


Flood fill node is really Did you guys invented that algorithm? or it's already been published? the parameter 0.499992 inside the pixel processor in flood fill node is still a mystery to

Author — *白石*


I wish all tutors were as good as Wes McDermott

Author — Pooria1998