Control RTX ON/OFF With The RTX 2060 SUPER

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Control RTX ON/OFF With The RTX 2060 SUPER 4.5

We dive into the world of Control and take a look at the impact of NVIDIA's RTX technology and DXR to see how it shifts the mood and atmosphere of this great game.

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Dead man wants to tell you something 4:33

Author — Arseny Pavlov


It's funny I was watching this video thinking "damn I need to get a game that utilizes ray tracing" then I remembered I downloaded control a couple months ago and never played it

Author — miles kinkead


I thought when I got rid of my 720p monitor and integrated graphics I was done with 720p. Apparently 720p is the new standard for a $400 graphics card. Damn that's insane.

Author — FatheredPuma81


This was the best ray tracing demo on YouTube 🕶

Author — Salim X


1:05 I dont mean to be rude, but that Sh*t, contact shadows thing made me laugh

Author — Soham Juwatkar


That's actually quite impressive - considering the amount of processing required for any ray tracing let alone multiple passes. I have a 2070 Super so I wonder if I could hold 50-60 FPS at native 1080p. Personally I don't need any more than 60 unless it's a twitch shooter and would rather have the visuals. cranked

Have to wait until it releases on Steam to find out.

Author — trooperJac


quantum break still has amazing graphics to this day.

Author — Kanev05


Used up all of the rtx for reflections and didn’t leave any for shadows.
Where is here shadow?!?!

Author — Pwnag3Inc


Looks nice but as seems to be the norm with RTX I don't think it's adding all that much considering the performance hit means you can't play at a decent FPS at even native 1080p. A lot of variance in frame times as well when you turn RTX on which seems to flatten out when you switch it on. Would definitely be switching it off. Maybe some fine tuning of what settings you need on could yield some decent performance.

Author — Greg Polkinghorne


i thought the graps looks weird on my rtx but i saw this looks the same

Author — Omm Mj


Hey, what program are using for frame rate monitoring? Thanks!!

Author — XBnPC


MSAA is disabled automatically when you turn on DLSS is has its own AA.

Author — 221722171


then you're playing in 720p. Then with 2080 and higher 1080p is the max to get good framerates above 60fps :].

Author — hydzior


My cod mw raytracing is on and i cant disable

Author — Luke


here just to find out one thing it 2 2mins just for you to even pull open the menus

Author — Quinton Crockett


So we are basically in 720p gaming again. 2019 is great.

Author — facelessninetytwo aka Man of the Rain


Ray-tracing looks great but the graphics cards aren't powerful enough yet!

Author — ToonNut1 ToonNut007


Gaming with a controller on the PC?!? You monster!!! ;)

Author — PCWorld


At 1:30 of video you mention about the reflection of player on the window. However RTX fails because apart from player's and corpse's reflection you don't see the blood on the floor (!)



This is why I can't see myself jump into RTX -- whats the point Im not going down to 1080 or 720 that's ridiculous

Author — GoneWithTheWin.Com