Control RTX ON/OFF With The RTX 2060 SUPER

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Control RTX ON/OFF With The RTX 2060 SUPER 4.5
We dive into the world of Control and take a look at the impact of NVIDIA's RTX technology and DXR to see how it shifts the mood and atmosphere of this great game.

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So we are basically in 720p gaming again. 2019 is great.

Author — facelessninetytwo


Used up all of the rtx for reflections and didn’t leave any for shadows.
Where is here shadow?!?!

Author — Pwnag3Inc


It's funny I was watching this video thinking "damn I need to get a game that utilizes ray tracing" then I remembered I downloaded control a couple months ago and never played it

Author — miles kinkead


Lmfao 720p but RAYTRACING. Proves the 2060S is not enough.

Author — Graphically Challenged


720p LMFAO!. It`s like gaming on an PS2, but hang on a minute, It`s got RAY-TRACING!!! I think I`ll stick with 3840x2160p without RTX until they can make GPU powerful enough to Ray-trace at Ultra-HD at High to Ultra settings.

Author — BasicGdot


i thought the graps looks weird on my rtx but i saw this looks the same

Author — Oej Ohh


Dead man wants to tell you something 4:33

Author — Arseny Pavlov


Hey, what program are using for frame rate monitoring? Thanks!!

Author — XBnPC


I turned the reflections off and the game looked more realistic, go figure.

Author — HybOj


Look at the wire reinforced glass with DLSS on / off 1440p 21:9 the difference is night and day. DLSS :( Nvidia freestyle clarity and sharpen with 1080 21:9 render :) much better but still not as good as native res.

Author — 221722171


"Hahaha the PS4 Pro games is upscaled 4K, not even Native hahaha peasants"

*plays in upscaled 720p on a RTX 2060*

Author — Black Parade


This is why I can't see myself jump into RTX -- whats the point Im not going down to 1080 or 720 that's ridiculous

Author — GoneWithTheWin.Com


Wow, ray tracing IS DEFINITELY NOT READY....OMG the poor resolution..gzuss that looks terrible

Author — Jay Humm


That's actually quite impressive - considering the amount of processing required for any ray tracing let alone multiple passes. I have a 2070 Super so I wonder if I could hold 50-60 FPS at native 1080p. Personally I don't need any more than 60 unless it's a twitch shooter and would rather have the visuals. cranked

Have to wait until it releases on Steam to find out.

Author — trooperJac


then you're playing in 720p. Then with 2080 and higher 1080p is the max to get good framerates above 60fps :].

Author — hydzior


In 1060 6gb 1080p ultra give only 25-30fps this game is totally optimise for RTX cards only

Author — Rishi Kapadia


May I know how you turn on/off RTX without entering the menu?

Author — Jaheiro24


What's Ur Nvidia control panel settings?

Author — NANDY 0140


You are lowering the render resolution so your GPU will render the 3D elements as if it were a lower resolution, so theres not a whole lot of interpolating happening....If you ask me, running this feature at a step below what normal gamers consider to be the absolute minimum without explaining this, is shady. Redo the video, but up your render resolution please.

Author — Zachary Hill


I thought when I got rid of my 720p monitor and integrated graphics I was done with 720p. Apparently 720p is the new standard for a $400 graphics card. Damn that's insane.

Author — FatheredPuma81