Size - Drop It (Original Mix) Petal Six /TULIPA129

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Tulipa129 - Various Artists - Petal Six
The next chapter of the Petal Series arrives at the gates just as the trees finished their afternoon dance. Each branch begins to glow a different color just as the sky morphs into a deep purple. Petal Six is the long-player centerpiece that rests on Tulipa's central pedestal for the time being. Gardenmaster Summer (Brendon Collins) has carefully chosen each gem for this modern treasure and the collection is a declaration of his love for excellence.

The Petal Six masterminds are Tastexperience, Rob Van Valen, Monad,Simao, David Calo, Metrophonique, Oddvar, Emiliano Martini, Gus Bonani, 7th Star, Spacesheep, Szwerb, Alex PM, Werner Niedermeier, Size, Weekend Heroes, Alvaro Medina, Bastien, Crespo, Marcos In Dub, Astronivo, Naor, Ivan Coronel, Laurent Wild, V i v i d, Etchar,Orion, Pompeiy, Luke Fire, Hassio (COL), Strinner, Kohra, SHFT, Michael A, and Milos Pesovic.
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