Hawaii volcano erupts, residents flee

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Hawaii volcano erupts, residents flee 4.5
A volcanic eruption has spewed molten rock and hazardous gases from the ground in a small community on Hawaii's Big Island, sending people fleeing from their homes as trees burn and the threat of more destruction is feared.

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Reminds me of the last time I got bad Chipotle

Автор — drewzifer


I mean, Hawaii is only there because it IS a volcano.

Автор — Pacific Northwest Guy


It's a really good time to get volcano insurance 😏

Автор — Đĵ


The risk of living on a geological hot spot. Hope they are safe, this is how Hawaii was made and how it will continue to "evolve" into new land.

Автор — N


Send Trump to extinct the fire inside the volcano. But give him a real fireman suit and a nice fireman truck.

Oh boy!!! Donny is happy. Donny is going to drive the truck!.
Yes Donald. You are. Now jump into that big hole expelling lava and be a hero.

Автор — Filipe Cunha


Lets see if the main land helps like it helped puerto rico

Автор — kiid W


I'm shocked gods people aren't in comments claiming more signs of Christ's 2nd coming.

Автор — Stormshine puddle


A professor of geology and geophysics? Why have him on? Is there 100% scientific consensus on this? Shouldn't we hear from our elected congressional experts first? Where does Jim Inhofe stand on this?

Автор — 5cryingcowboys


I have a friend in Maui and she's got family on that island, hope they're okay.

Автор — ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ


I had a chance to move to the big Island last year.... But after considering the danger of the volcanoes... I quit the idea...im glad I did!!

Автор — amanda currin


Aleluya Amén. GOD bless you all. and be Safe from that volcano 🌋 thank you.

Автор — Nagasaky Nagasaky


Please let our hearts and thoughts go to the people of Hawaii who are facing these difficult times. This is not about being Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian etc. This is not about being Black, White, Asian, Mixed, Hispanic etc. A volcanic eruption does not give a damn about who you are, where you come from, your political views; your social views etc - once it gets you, you're toasted. Nature reminds us how small we are before its might.

Автор — Roderick Balenda


wait till yellowstone erupts.this is a small one.the one in iceland a few years ago was much bigger.the people will be safe, he is lame.

Автор — crack61616


Come on CNN. This story is taking valuable airtime away from David Hogg and Stormy Daniels' lawyer. What in the name of covfefe are you doing?

Автор — OUdaveguy


Why is that news anchor smiling and laughing while others experience volcanic destruction?

Автор — Sevi Regis


Someone’s been having too much Taco Bell

Автор — Endeavor


This has got to be Russian collusion causing all of this.

Автор — Guided Meditation


Damn, actual news from CNN??!? ... I'm sure they will tie this to president Trump and make it his "fault" by the end of the day. (pun intended)

Автор — Fake News 77


I live in Hawaii. I live in Hilo. There has been 3 earthquakes in Hilo today. I'm ready to leave my house at any moment.

Автор — Darth Eggplant


This volcano reminds me a lot like CNN's 'journalism' - spewing hazardous gases & destruction.

Автор — Gooey 911