$100 in FIJI in 24 Hours? What Can You Get?

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

BULA from one of my all-time favorite countries -- FIJI!

I am here for a third visit -- but this time is just a 24 hours layover en route from Micronesia to Tuvalu -- so I decided to make a 5th episode of my favorite series, seeing how far I can maximize $100 in 24 hours!

Many people think that Fiji is so expensive (and it certainly can be)... but if you live like a local, then I find it to be cheaper than anywhere else in the Pacific.

Do you have any questions about traveling to Fiji? Comment them below and I'll get back to you!

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Much love, I’m Fijian but live in Canada 🇨🇦. When I tell someone I’m from Fiji no one knows Fiji is a place.

Author — Yaseen Mustaffa


Met a lot of Fijians in the British Army. Some of the best bunch of lads I've ever met! Visiting Fiji is the #1 spot on my bucket list.

I already grew up fond of Fiji as a child since my father was in the Army too and he spoke so fondly of Fiji and Fijians telling lots of stories. I always support them in rugby, except when they're against Ireland hehe (which is my team because rugby is the one sport where Northern Ireland is linked with Ireland if anyone's confused)! Lots and lots of love to 🇫🇯 from 🇬🇧 !!

Author — JamesTavRule


I have been to FIJI 🇫🇯 such a beautiful country rich with nature ! I was initially stayed for 1 month in TANOA and another one month in PULLMAN . Their ppl are so friendly . You should visit SAVALA ISLAND, MALA MALA ISLAND, CLOUD 9, SLEEPING GIANT but it’s seriously a good place to relax your mind and soul ! I miss their FIJIAN ppl such a friendly humans ever ❤️🇫🇯❤️ Wish can go there again one day ❤️

Author — diviya jothi


Hit like if you’re from Fiji /you love Fiji 🇫🇯

Author — Sheetal Kumar


From a Fijian Im just really thankful you pronounced the local words really good 😊

Author — Melaia Waisale


I am from Morocco 🇲🇦 and i was happy when you made a video about Morocco but I always love seeing other countries their traditions their culture their language it just makes me think wow the earth is awesome!

Author — Squeakers R us 69


Drew: Been in Fiji only three times.
Me: Lived in Fiji all of my life, in Suva

Author — Gregory Browne


Heres what you can get in FIJI

*FIJI water*

Author — 4799


Wow Fiji is a awesome country. Lots of love for Fiji from Bangladesh.

Author — Ca Naan


Drew so glad you visited Fiji, the country where I was born. You need to go back and visit the capital Suva and tour the other islands as well. You will find great hidden gems as well as the super great Fiji hospitality😊🌺👍

Author — Sushma Narayan


I ❤ Fiji 🇫🇯. My home. God bless my country.

Author — Shelvin Lal


Holy shit I can't believe u made a vid for my country I thought fiji wasn't well known

Author — ray. dz_fjx


Best fish and chips in sabeto really lives up to its name many locals rate it higher than McDonald's ... guarantee... the food is cheap... heavy and delicious.... to all tourists. . If you come to Fiji. .. and you want fast food meals...go to best fish and chips in sabeto.... thank me later but ...you're welcome... in advance 😆

Author — Kaburaki


Love to Fiji so much. From USA ❤ 💙 💚 💛 💜 💓 💕 💘 💝 ❤

Author — Kylie's Vlogs


I love this! Seeing this during this time makes me miss home even more. ❤️

Author — Fi M-Kaukimoce


Iam from fiji the main reason i came here was to hear his pronunciation of the words

Author — Tee Hee


Yes! Finally another $100 video in 24 hours

Author — Jordan Levy 123


I think “bula” is one of the coolest ways to say hello

Author — Seth Bryant


Thank you for this. I'd love to go to Fiji. The islands look so beautiful.

Author — Laura Buchanan


He is the most nicest cleanest simplest person in the world the world would be better if we had more people like him family friendly YouTube channel

Author — Agua Different