Everything You Need to Know: Trump’s Tremendous Road Since Impeachment | The Daily Show

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Everything You Need to Know: Trump’s Tremendous Road Since Impeachment | The Daily Show 5

From Pelosi initially withholding the articles of impeachment to Mitt Romney’s rank-breaking vote, here’s a look back at the Trump impeachment saga. #TheDailyShow

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I can't take 4 more years of this. Please put someone else in office.

Author — Henry Jiang


The law is to be applied equally to everyone

Unless you have either power or money...

Author — Eduardo Dinis


Voting and Free speech, Does Not Make Democracy
Where there is no accountability, there is no democracy

Author — ADAM Samirovitch


"if you don't know, now you know."
-Thomas Jefferson (Hamilton play)

Author — Isaiah Sokol


These recaps really need to be marked clearly as such. When an entry starts with "today", this is quite confusing.

Author — None of your Business


It’s unbelievable how people try to deny how corrupt trump really is.

Author — Mike Skeeter


Happy birthday Trevor. Please continue making us laugh for a lot of years



So much evidence and he still the president if Obama did this he would be impeached as so as they go one ☝🏾 witnesses unbelievable 🤔🤨😑

Author — Cherryblossom ink


I don’t trust his confession. Seems like he’s trying to hide his connections with corrupt elements in the Ukraine government.

Author — max casson


And again.. don't boo, "VOTE"

Author — Ameer Moussa


People like Susan Collins are so disappointingly stupid it hurts : [

Author — rashafella


I grown up from a dictatorship country, even me feel that the high levels in United States are beyond the rules and outrage. For me, the only thing a democracy society is supreme than a dictatorship society is "check and balance". No one should be above the rules.

Author — BearAxeBear


And here I thought the point of a jury in any case was to have an unbiased group of people to look at the gathered facts and decide accordingly.

Author — Chalkstix


the mario and luigi part killed me :)

Author — Tomas Donkers


Trump is using Rodrick Heffley's strategy for when you're caught in a lie; deny, deny, deny.

Author — Løng Phåm


I already know the ending, and it is very disappointed.

Author — Nhan Ha


“Yeah, don’t boo, VOTE”
Why did he make it sound like President Obama. 😂

Author — Bleep Monster


Well if I ever end up in court I will definitely have my lawyer stop the trial because I don't want witnesses or a evidence because if the president can demand it so can I.So laws no longer matter in the USA so have at criminals .

Author — Bonnie Urso


This guy actually got away with it and americas applaud...Damn, I didn't think it would get worse then their stupidty already was.

Author — GHustle4


Susan collins is like the Karen who’s kid stole from CVS and “almost got arrested”. hE HAs bEeN sCAred sTrAigHt. he WoNt dO iT AgAiN

Author — Amaris Derby