MercyMe - Best News Ever (Official Lyric Video)

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MercyMe - Best News Ever (Official Lyric Video) 5
© 2017 MercyMe

From the album "Lifer." Available everywhere now!
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MercyMe with another banger
Who loves MercyMe💜

Автор — ADayWithLuis YT


Your battles have been won, you just have to let

You finish the sentence

Автор — The MJG Channel


Listened to his songs as a newborn, listened to his songs as a toddler, listened to his songs as a kid, listened to his songs as a teenager, listening to his songs as a Christian pianist!

God love you, brother in Christ. And all who watch and listen.

Автор — Evan Wenning


Awesome! This made my day! I have been having worries about my life and I put it in God's hands and this song verified that it's all going to be okay. Thanks :)

Автор — C B


Don't give up on God because HE would never give up on you! Keep fighting and remember you're starting this fight from a position of victory because when God died on that cross you WON. God bless everyone.

Автор — Carlos DeJesus


I was feeling cornered and miserable due to some unforeseen circumstances that have turned my life upside down. A little voice told me to go to YouTube and open the first Christian music subscription I saw in my list and play the first song I saw...whatever it was. It was MercyMe and The Best News Ever. Our God is a good God. That he would hear something as small as me through all of the noise. We have to try and hear him too. I am going to listen even harder through the noise. Thank you too MercyMe for all of your good works.

Автор — In the Lord's Army


It truly the best news ever, that Jesus already won.

Автор — Vincent Sissom


One of my favorite songs on this CD. I sing this really loud in my car!!!😁😇🎵🎵Love it!! God Bless!!

Автор — D C de Vera


Your music always inspire sing your song [Even if] at my wedding day...was woow...God bless you brother

Автор — Roland Walker


Thank you so much for making this song. Let alone releasing it today just now. I needed to hear this. Thank you God! You are greater than the world we live in and give us strength in our darkest hour.

Автор — Kalysta Vigdis


I started to listen your music after I saw a movie "I can only imagine". That's really good movie, this story broke my heart and I am shocked Mr. Millard that you were and you are so strong. You make me feel better, strong and... More believer in myself.
I'm so thankless that you show your story and another people can listen to this or watch movie. I know, it propably was hard but... *Thanks* . Really thanks.

I hope you will read this comment.

God bless you,
~ Seven

P.S. this is amazing song!

Автор — Seven QwQ


Awesome the good news of Jesus Christ is the best news ever

Автор — Wendy Zimmerman


Did not expect a new song! This is amazing!!

Автор — R de Beer


Yay!MercyMe With a new song and its awesome!I hope i hear it on the radio star 991!Make more songs!

Автор — deadlox123q


Jesus Christ is King of Kings, Best News Ever!!!!

Автор — Barry Carr


Best News Ever on My birthday...Thank U Jesus For bringing this to me and all.

Автор — Gamer KP


What can I say, nothing less then what can be expected from MercyMe! Love you guys, stay encouraged.. while doing so for all of us! GOD BLESS!

Автор — Eddie V


oooh I guess I'll go ahead and hit the like button, LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE, LOVE IT!!!

Автор — albany222


Can you please pray for me and my friend I hurt I. Didn't mean to the word's I tip where wrong and out of context I think she misunderstood what I said God please tell her I am sorry please pray for me and her that we can fix it

Автор — Dominic 17


wish all the pastors in America would get that the works already been done in the cross of Christ . Teach the truth of Gods word . Jesus truly makes us justified in Himself and His accomplished work. thank you Lord

Автор — Johnny Stevenson