From Aramac to lake Dunn

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

A few grabs from a trip from Barcaldine to Lake Dunn. This footage is from the Northern side of Aramac, and the first scene with the wildflowers (The mauve bottlebrush shaped flowers called 'Mulla Mulla' are quite pretty, and in number after the recent rain) was filmed at 'the jump up', between Aramac and Lake Dunn. The rest is around lake Dunn itself. It is very low on water lately since a recent government allowed the damming off of its water sources!

Music is 'Narmarnwidmi' by the Indigenous band Narbalek band, from their album 'Munwurrk' (Bushfire)

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We were there in June 2018 and the water level is much higher - you can actually jump off the fishing jetty into the water.

Author — @mycons


The gravel pad you where walking on In the beginning of the video was the setting for my sisters wedding

Author — @Aramac1985


I want more information about lake Dunn and can I access it with the caravan, how far from Hervey Bay is it.

Author — @amosbanjocaretakers3598